What Is A Betting Strategy? 10 Profitable Sports Betting Strategies To Learn

A betting strategy also referred to as a betting system is a more organised approach to betting, with the goal in mind to make a profit. Remember: understanding what is a betting strategy will make all the difference between winning sporadically to winning consecutively.

Pinning down the most profitable betting strategy will aid you winning more often. It all comes down to comprehending the most lucrative betting trends and the tools used by professional bettors in the game.

Here is a comprehensive list of some of the most beneficial tips and strategies you might want to follow to improve the outcome of your bets.

What Is A Betting Strategy?

What Is A Betting Strategy?

Strategy #1: Money Management

Set aside a determined amount of money which shall be referred to as your ‘bankroll’ is the strategy most bettors adopt. This will guide you to planning your bets and also dictate how much money you can afford to lose.

Money management will also ensure that you have a constant cash flow.

Work in reverse and plan how much money you will need for the coming weeks, months or the sports season. As a rule of thumb, bettors manage their money on bets with 1-5% of their bankroll.

Get comfortable with the sum of money in your bankroll and gradually increase it over time. Remember; this is not a race.

Strategy #2: Betting Contrary to the Public

This is considered one of the easiest methods used by sports bettors. The reasoning behind this strategy is to simply bet against the public. Betting against the public in most cases produces a positive outcome and investment too.

Sportsbooks understand that the general public and media inflate the competency of a certain team. They use this to the best of their advantage and exploit it. They then measure their winnings accordingly.

Long-term winning and losing is studied by 1-3%, consistently acquiring that extra 0.5 to 1.0 point each time you bet on the weaker team which most probably has been overseen.

It is measurable that you will win by 1-3%.

Strategy #3: Reverse Line Movement

This is concerned with the betting line movement that goes against the public betting percentages.

This is in most cases a guaranteed way to cash out big when betting with large wagers. Analysing the betting trends will guide you to the betting with a larger group of betting individuals and understanding the line movements.

Strategy #4: Major Line Movements

A major line movement is defined by a sudden and unprecedented movement across the whole sports betting marketplace.

This is often the result of an unforeseen surplus of money placed at various sport books and is in most cases the hype caused by betting groups.

This strategy has been subject to much controversy as bettors who simply follow the hype have in the past, lost a lot of money and even gone broke. Knowledgeable bettors will more likely bet on the opposing side to obtain a more advantageous number.

Strategy #5: Shading Sports Betting

This strategy explains how sports books shade their lines to utilise the majority’s tendencies to their own advantage. The sports book will alter the betting line to indicate the favourable team. By placing your wager on the underdog, you’ll be more successful and profit along with the house.

Strategy #6: Acquiring the Best Line

When employing this strategy, it’s recommended that you have accounts with more than one sportsbook.

This will give you the upper hand as you will have the best selection on any future wagers. Shopping around before placing a bet is the safest way to win a bet.

Strategy #7: The Significance of Any Units Won

Contrary to what you might be drawn to, betting units won is considered as the foremost important number when evaluating any betting system.

To put it in simpler terms, the units won refers to the sum of money a group of plays has won or lost.

It’s suggested that bettors use a standard betting amount for every one of your plays.

Using 2% of your bankroll for a wager seems to warrant that you’ll keep in line with your bankroll. The key is to retain consistency; this will work to your advantage as you’ll be able to get the best out of any betting marketplace.

Strategy #8: Put In The Time

This is crucial if not the most important strategy anyone interested in betting will ever adopt. Research is key as your betting pastime or even possible betting career will require you to put in the time.

Don’t jump the gun, trust your gut but in the long run, the possibilities of you winning bets will be few.

To assure yourself that you will be prosperous in your bets, you have to invest in strategies that will only push you forward, research and studying betting markets closely will safeguard your current and future wagers.

The betting world can change in the blink of an eye, so it’s vital to your betting success that you watch out for any trends, statistics and also look over past games and betting systems.

Investing in your sports will also add value to your final wagers.

Strategy #9: Steer Clear of Buying Points

This strategy prevents that you fall into the betting tendency known as, falling into ‘square’. This means that you become a victim of buying favourites.

Be wary of sportsbooks as they are experts at making it seem that a specific team will undoubtedly win.

As you might still be a novice in betting, it’s wise to be aware of this.

Strategy #10: Timing is Key

The final betting strategy is all about timing. As lines shift sporadically, it’s essential that you place your bet at the best possible price. Predicting line movements can be challenging but it’s worth a try.

Final Words

Professional baseball player

Cashing out profits from betting is certainly no easy task.

The good news, though, is that with an abundance of strategies to choose from, betting on the right lines and teams should be clearer. To understand what is a betting strategy, you must research diligently and apply winning strategies to your wagers.


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