What Makes A Winning Horse At The Kentucky Derby 2018?

In case you didn’t know, there is a certain world-famous horserace taking place on the 5thof May.

That’s right, the 2018 Kentucky Derby is now no more than a week away and any of you that likes a flutter at the bookmakers will surely be eyeing up the talent that will be taking part come race day.

With that in mind, what makes a winning horse at the Kentucky Derby 2018?

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With this being the 144th race since its inception the same amount of years ago, just what is it that we should be looking for when considering which horse to back for the win?

Well, this is something we are going to try and help you with by answering some of the questions that many of you will have on what details of a racehorse really matter for the Kentucky Derby.

The topics covered in this article:

Kentucky Derby 2018

Does Breed Matter?

Simple answer, no, not in the Kentucky Derby.

While there are different types of breeds that are used for horseraces all over the world, in any ‘Derby’ event, such as the Kentucky Derby, the race is restricted by breed.

Only Thoroughbreds that are three years old are permitted to race in the Kentucky Derby.

These can be male horses whether stallions, geldings or colts or female fillies but they must all be registered thoroughbreds and three years old before they can run in the Kentucky Derby.

This is why no horse will ever be able to run in more than one Kentucky Derby as a horse that is four or above is not eligible in the same way that a two-year-old horse is.

Thoroughbreds are all given a birthdate of either the 1st of January or the 1st of August depending on whether they were born in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

This means that a horse past those dates at any point in the year will be classed as one year old.

This is done to make it easier to keep track of a horses age and to make sure that older horses cannot be hidden.

Kentucky Derby

What’s Your Lineage? (Does the ancestry of the horse matter)

Racehorses are bred specifically for the sport and this generally means being bred from other successful racehorses.

A stallion and a mare are generally selected due to their strengths and the potential of these strengths combining to make produce a thoroughbred is the perfect combination of the two of them.

While this does not always guarantee success, punters should always look at the ancestry of a horse they are thinking about backing in the Kentucky Derby.

There is not all that more to go on really, so if you find a horse that you think has the best ancestry and a good mix of strengths, then this might be one to think about backing the 2018 Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby horse

Battle Of The Sexes: Does It Matter If The Horse Is Male Or Female?

Unfortunately, the stats don’t lie.

There has only ever been three female horses (fillies) that have won the Kentucky Derby in its 144-year history.

Fillies are just not as successful as their male counterparts, not only in this race but horseracing in general.

For that reason, you do not even see many fillies entered into the Kentucky Derby with the last attempt for a win by a female thoroughbred being back in 2010.

There have been 40 fillies entered into the Kentucky Derby throughout its illustrious history and the last time we saw a winner was back in 1988 when Winning Colors won by a length.

So if you ever do see a filly in the Kentucky Derby, it should not be completed dismissed as they have won before but you should remember that male horses have a far better record of winning this famous race.

Kentucky Derby racer

Does Experience Matter?

How much experience can a thoroughbred horse get in one year?

These horses are not able to race until they are two years old and therefore have one year to take part in any other races before they are then old enough to participate in the Kentucky Derby.

While these horses can go on to race as they get older, they will not be allowed to race in the Kentucky Derby again.

The rules have been designed this way for two reasons, one is that they should be old enough to put on a spectacle and secondly, with a lack of experience, it makes for a much better experience for the punters.

This is because there is an air of uncertainty which means picking the winner is more random than it would be with older horses.

As a horses get older and have many races under its belt, you will already know which of them stand a better chance of winning.

This just isn’t the case with the Kentucky Derby and is why it is one of the most popular horse races in the world.

Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby 2018 Horses: What Are The Odds?

According to the well-known and well-trusted William Hill, Justify and Mendelssohn (both 4/1) are the two thoroughbreds being backed the most at the moment.

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Justify is an obvious choice having won by more than three lengths in the Santa Anita Derby just a couple of weeks ago.

Bolt d’Oro was the horse that finished second in that race and he also finds himself among the top five at most online bookies.

As for Mendelssohn, this Kentucky-bred thoroughbred has also come off the back of a win recently.

On the 31stof March, he took victory by an impressive 18 lengths at the UAE Derby.

The beauty of a race such as the Kentucky Derby that only allows three-year-old thoroughbreds to enter is that punters have very little to go on when choosing which horse to back.

They can punt on a horse due to its ancestry or on the few races that these horses have taken part in and not much else apart from the trainer and jockey.

For that reason, you could make an argument for any horse in this field.

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Here are the current odds as listed by William Hill:

Justify – 4/1

Mendelssohn – 4/1

Audible – 7/1

Magnum Moon – 9/1

Bolt d’Oro – 10/1

Good Magic – 12/1

Hofburg – 14/1

Vino Rosso – 16/1

Enticed – 25/1

My Boy Jack – 25/1

NonleIndy – 25/1

Solomini – 25/1

Flameaway– 33/1

Free Drop Billy – 33/1

Firenze Fire – 40/1

Lone Sailor – 40/1

Promises Fulfilled – 50/1

Bravazo– 66/1

Snapper Sinclair – 66/1

The great thing about the Kentucky Derby is that any of the above stand a fairly equal chance of winning – at least in our own eyes.

There have been plenty of big odds winners in the past and there is absolutely no reason why this could not be the case again.

Kentucky Derby 2018

Where to bet on the races

Now that you know a little more about what makes a winning horse at the Kentucky Derby, you might be thinking about placing a few bets.

You can see what you need to know about betting on the Kentucky Derby 2018 here>>

Of course, before you do this, you will have to do two things, decide which horses to bet on and secondly, find an online sportsbook that you can use to place those bets.

There is plenty of choices when it comes to sportsbooks online but you will want to make sure that you make the right choice.

They are not all as good as each other with some offering more betting options, better welcome bonuses and covering more sports than others.

Bookmakers mentioned:

Kentucky Derby racer

William Hill

If you are based in the UK or have been fortunate to visit there in the past, there is a good chance that you will know all about William Hill.

You can practically walk down any high street and there is the strong possibility that you will walk past one of their bookmakers.

Nowadays they get a much larger portion of their business from the internet, however, and they obviously have a far greater reach.

This has led to them becoming a brand on a global-scale and it has not taken them long to be regarded as one of the biggest online gambling providers in the world.

They also have more than 80 years behind them in the industry and a very strong reputation for the services that they provide.

As for betting on the 2018 Kentucky Derby with William Hill, this can be done easily and with a good selection of different betting options that you can choose.

Whether you fancy Justify, Enticed or any other horse in the Derby, you will also be able to enjoy in-live betting as the race plays out.

If you do decide to give William Hill a try, you should also note that there is £30 in free bets up for grabs for new punters that make a first bet of at least £10.

  • Recognisable Brand
  • Excellent Odds
  • Many Betting Options


If any of you have played at online casinos in recent years, you might just have heard of LeoVegas, an award-winning online casino that is famed for explosive welcome bonuses, a wealth of online slots and some of the best mobile-focused casino action you will see.

Launched in 2011, LeoVegas, a Swedish online casino, eventually decided to make a move into the sports betting industry.

It was in 2016, not long before the UEFA Euro 2016 international football tournament that LeoVegas officially launched their sportsbook and just two years later, it is already hugely popular with punters.

Their sportsbook, in much the same way as their online casino, is focused towards mobile users rather than PC users.

They want to be able to give mobile punters a seamless way to place bets on their favourite sporting events. This means an easy-to-use interface and/or app and many of the betting options that are the easiest to understand.

It may not have the more advanced betting options that William Hill does but it offers more than enough for the casual punter that likes to bet when on the go.

If LeoVegas seems to be a sportsbook that you will like, you will be pleased to know that your first two bets will be covered by their ‘double odds’ welcome bonus.

Your first two bets, no matter what they are on, will pay out double the listed odds should you be fortunate enough to win.

  • Popular Name Among Punters
  • Mobile-Focused
  • Easy-to-Navigate


As a final recommendation, we suggest you take a look at the Bovada sportsbook, especially if you are a resident of the United States as it accepts players from there.

This sportsbook has built up a solid reputation during the many years it has been operating and is known for its good odds, a wide selection of betting options and some excellent promotions and bonuses.

The 2018 KentuckyDerby is just one of a wide range of sporting events that you can use Bovada to place your bets with them claiming to cover at least 60% of the sports you can find across the world.

In much the same way as LeoVegas, Bovada also has other offerings such as an online casino and a poker room.

This means you have plenty of options if you want to try and win money in another way.

If you think that Bovada could be the right choice for you, why not check them out?

You can even take advantage of an excellent welcome bonus that will give you a 50% match deposit bonus of up to $500 on your first deposit.

  • Fantastic Welcome Bonus
  • Brilliant Odds
  • Accepts US-Players


Now, there will be many other options out there for you in terms of online sportsbooks and while some will be great, others will not be anywhere near as good.

This is why we recommend the three above as we know these guys inside out and just know that all punters will have a great experience.

Either of the three will be ideal for you, especially now that you know what makes a winning horse at the Kentucky Derby 2018.

We trust that the information we provided on what makes a winning horse will help you in picking your bet for the Kentucky Derby 2018.

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