How to bet on the World Cup in Norway

Are you in Norway and want to bet on the World Cup 2018?

Being located on the “top” of Europe can be hard for someone who wants to access a sports betting site as many times such countries are prohibited from doing so.

Due to the upcoming biggest football tournament of the year, we wanted to publish an article on how to bet on the World Cup in Norway.

We are only going to target two specific bookmakers and analyze the best betting options in depth.

So buckle up and get ready to make some money!

A quick disclaimer

You don’t have to go if you don’t live in Norway.

Almost all European countries have access to the websites we are about to mention so make sure that you stick till the end.

You wouldn’t want to be the one missing out on the profits now, would you!?

In this article:

World Cup 2018 Groups

Leo Vegas

We already covered all those amazing bonuses and special offers you can get from Leo Vegas in our previous article.

Here, we will be taking a closer and even more detailed look at the best betting options available.

Let’s start with the group stage.

Group A

This time around Russia will be the one hosting the tournament which is going to start on the 14thof June ending on July 15th.

Other than them, the other three countries in the first group are Uruguay, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

Uruguay is the toughest team here but Russia won’t be going to let their fans down.

Both teams are expected to qualify for the next stage.

So betting on them qualifying is a safe bet.

But it can be hard predicting who’s going to finish in first and who will fall behind finishing in second.

So why don’t bet on both options?

Leo Vegas offers you the option of betting on the exact finishing order of the top two placed teams.

When it comes to Uruguay coming first and Russia finishing second the odd offered is 3.00 while the opposite scenario sits at 3.50.

Bet on both and get at least a 50% profit no matter what happens.

Russia Team World Cup 2018

Group B

Things here are even better than before.

You get Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and Iran.

We believe it’s pretty needless to say which two are the favourites to qualify for the next round.

Following the previous example, you can bet on Spain coming first and Portugal second.

This is offered a great 3.00 odd while the opposite has a 4.50 odd.

Just like before a 50% profit is almost 100% guaranteed.

Group C

When you get France, Denmark, Peru, and Australia in the same group predicting who is going to be in first and second can be hard, especially for the runner-up's position.

This is why you should try a different kind of bet.

You are going to bet on the team to finish last.

Australia should be an easy bet since they have only made it through the first round once in the history of the World Cup. Also, both Denmark and Peru are harder teams.

The option of Australia finishing last offers 1.85!

French Team World Cup 2018

Group D

Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, and Nigeria are the four teams here.

The first place will go easily to the former one mentioned so you should bet on which team will finish in the second place.

You are lucky as Croatia is offered an amazing 2.75 odd while both Nigeria and Iceland are assigned a 5.00!

Even the bookmaker knows what’s up so why don’t you?

Group E

Here you have Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, and last but not least Costa Rica.

Without a doubt, Brazil will finish first.

Keep in mind that they, alongside Germany, are one of the top two favourites to win the whole tournament.

The second place though will be fought over by both Serbia and Switzerland.

Brazil finishing first and Serbia second offers 3.00 while Brazil winning the group while Switzerland is the runner-up sits at 2.80.

Bet on both of them and get an easy 40% profit.

Group F

Just like before, the strongest team in the group, in this case, Germany is going to win with ease.

The other three teams, however, are Mexico, Sweden, and the South Korea Republic.

If you don’t want to go through the “exact first two places” option you can choose the safer selection of KoreaRepublic finishing in the last position.

This offers a pretty solid 1.85 odd!

Just so you know, Germany coming first and Mexico second offers 3.00 while the same scenario where the runner up’s position is occupied by Sweden offers a 3.50 odd instead.

Germany Team World Cup 2018

Group G

Here you get England, Belgium, Panama, and Tunisia.

We would advise you NOT to bet in this group since the possible profit is too low to even risk it.

Group H

This group is a freaking goldmine.

Here is what you have to do in order to make some pretty good money.

You will go with the exact top two places option and pick both Colombia coming first and Poland second as well as the opposite scenario.

The first one offers a 5.00 odd while the second option a whopping 5.50.

The other two teams are Japan and Senegal both of which are of a significantly lower level than Poland and Colombia.

Having gone through this part, there is another great option for you to profit from.

We are referring to the finishing stage for each of the teams that qualify from the group stage onto the top 16.

You can bet on whether a team will reach the top 2, 4, or 8 and of course the option of them winning the event.

One of our best picks would be picking the strongest four teams to reach the top 8 which offers 1.40 for Brazil and Germany, 1.45 for Spain, and finally a 1.55 odd for France.

Also, the host country is expected to do great since they will be playing in their own country which is a huge morale boost. Reaching the top 8 offers them a pretty good 2.65 odd!

William Hill

Moving on to the second bookmaker, you get William Hill which is one of the biggest, if not the absolute best sports betting site out there.

It couldn’t be missing from an article named how to bet on the World Cup in Norway.

On top of offering great customized betting options, William Hill does something many would consider even better.

It has already started offering odds regarding every single matchup in the group stage.

We will be providing you with our professional advice on which games we believe are worth betting on.

Keep in mind we will not be listing each group’s participants again though!

Group A

We do believe both Uruguay and Russia will get the two wins in their matches against the weakest teams but what about the odds offered.

Russia is offered 1.30 and 1.83 odds respectively for winning against Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Uruguay is offered 1.73 and 1.22 odds accordingly for winning against Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Regarding the game between the two favourites, personally, we would go for a draw!

This option is offered a 3.10 odd.

Even if someone wins we believe not more than two words would be scored so you could also bet on the Under 2.5 but an odd has yet to be offered for that particular game.

Uruguay Team World Cup 2018

Group B

In this group, there aren’t many good games for you to bet on apart from two.

The first game we prompt you to bet on is Iran vs Portugal where the away win offers a fairly good 1.40 odd.

The other game is Portugal vs Spain.

We do believe Spain will get the win and William Hill offers them a 1.91 odd for doing so.

Also, we do believe that more than 2 goals will be scored throughout the game and the Over 2.5 offers 2.20!

Group C

Once again, we have two great matches for you to bet on.

The first one is Denmark vs Australia where the home win offers a 1.75 odd and the second game is Denmark vs France where the away win offers 1.60.

We believe that in the first game the chance of more than two goals taking place is very unlikely thus we would bet on the Under 2.5 option which offers 1.61 or the exact score being either 1-0 or 2-0 which offers 5.50 and 7.50 accordingly.

Group D

Argentina is expected to win all three games in this group and thus you would think that their odds would be low but in their game against Croatia, they are offered a 1.80 odd for winning.

We advise you to bet on that.

Another good game is Nigeria vs Iceland where the draw is the most likely outcome and is offered a 3.20 odd.

Argentina World Cup Team

Group E

Instead of going through the games, a more sensible option would be to go for the trifecta, or in this case the “Straight Tricast” option.

This is where you guess the top three places in order.

Starting from the winner and moving on to the second and third place the Brazil/ Switzerland/ Serbia option offers 4.50 while the Brazil/ Serbia/ Switzerland option stands on a 5.00 odd.

Bet on both of them and your chances of getting at least a 125% profit are very good.

Group F

It is very likely that Germany will win all three games.

They are offered 1.44 against Mexico, 1.50 against Sweden, and 1.25 against South Korea.

Include all of them in a tri-fold accumulator with total odds of 2.70 and you could easily have a good profit.

Another couple of good games to bet on would be Sweden vs South Korea where the home win offers a 2.10 odd and South Korea vs Mexico where the away win offers a high 2.00 bet!

Group G

Realistically speaking, the only game worth betting on would be that of England vs Belgium.

The home win offers 2.87, the draw 3.00, and the away win 2.62.

Personally, we would go for the draw but the choice is entirely up to you on this one.

England Team World Cup 2018

Group H

This group is somewhat of a red zone regarding single match betting.

Chances are that Poland and Colombia will qualify, but betting on them in their games against Senegal and Japan isn’t advised.

When it comes to the derby between them things are somewhat simpler.

Poland has lost the 3 last times they played against Colombia.

Keeping that streak going is tough and highly doubtable especially when you consider how strong Poland has come to be.

We would bet on the draw which offers a 3.20 odd!

Before you go there is another thing left in our how to bet on the World Cup in Norway article.

This is the top Goalscorer.

The best option would be to choose the best attackers from each of the top 4 teams you think are the more likely to win the tournament.

For example, you could go with Neymar at an odd of 11.00 where you could bet on each way 1-4 option which for a 10£ bet (two 5£ bets) would have a potential return of 72.50£!

If you want to learn more about each way betting on the World Cup top goalscorers option then read our other article!

William Hill has a special offer where if you place a bet on an accumulator of at least 5 selections with minimum odds of 1.20 on each game you can get your wager up to 20£ back as a free bet!

So don’t be scared of going with a slightly riskier betting method.

Poland Team World Cup 2018


Before you go make sure that you follow our website to keep updated with any news regarding the upcoming World Cup and any other major sporting events as well as a big assortment of betting tips and strategies.

We hope you found our article on how to bet on the World Cup in Norway both insightful and wishfully helpful.

Choose one of the two bookmakers mentioned in our post and place your bet. Good luck!


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