The Ashes: What did the previous edition look like?

This summer a new edition of The Ashes will take place. Next August, the cricket competition will take off once again in England. The two teams will give their best to take home the coveted victory and regain or retain The Ashes.

The Ashes is a world-famous sports event in which Australia and England compete in games of test cricket about every two years. The trophy the teams battle for is an 11cm tall urn which allegedly contains the ashes of some cricket equipment. Would you like to read more about The Ashes and where the name came from? Read The Ashes 2019 overview article or take a look at this article that explains more about The Ashes history. Since this year’s edition is getting near, it is worth the while to check the previous edition of The Ashes. We will analyze 2017’s Ashes and discuss what the results could mean for this year's edition and its corresponding odds!

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The 2017-2018 Ashes

The two competing countries, Australia and England, take turns hosting the Ashes. In the previous edition, the honor fell to the team from Down under to organize the major cricket event. The five tests were played in several venues in Australia which caused both teams to travel quite some distances through the country.

Match Date Venue
First Test 23rd November - 27th November 2017 The Gabba, Brisbane
Second Test 2nd December - 6th December 2017 Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
Third Test 14th December - 18th December 2017 W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth
Fourth Test 26th December - 30th December 2017 Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
Fifth Test 4th January - 8th January 2018 Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

What happened?

To be honest, it wasn’t a pretty sight for England’s team. Early on in the tournament, it became clear that Australia’s players were about to crush their competitors to the ground.

The first test basically was the beginning of the end for England as they were defeated at The Gabba by 10 wickets. The second Test would have been the perfect opportunity for the UK team to strike back, but it came to nothing as Australia won again. The Adelaide Test turned out to be a great one for the Ozzies as they won it by 120 runs. England’s captain, Root, did exclaim his trust in his team after the second match and explained how they were still ‘massively in the series’. Australia’s pace bowler Josh Hazlewood remained courtly towards his opponent as well and said:

"We didn't expect England to collapse this morning. We expected them to dig in and fight hard for every run."

The next test was won, once again, by Australia. Root labeled this as “bitterly disappointing”. The fourth test ended in a draw while the fifth and final test granted victory and the Ashes trophy to the Australian team. An end score of 4 – 0 proved that England was not able to keep up in this edition of The Ashes.

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England bowler James Anderson, being a fair sportsman, proclaimed about the match:

Australia have outplayed us. We can learn a lot from the way they played. Their batsman were patient and applied themselves. We did well for periods of time but 60s and 70s aren't going to win you an Ashes series. You need big hundreds, and that's what Australia showed. I hope the guys are hurting like I am, watching Australia celebrate. In 2019, we have to make sure we don't feel this again and put on a better show."

What does this mean for the 2019 ashes?

As previous editions showed us: matches always favor the host country on their own territory. Both England and Australia have, in general, been more successful when playing a home match. In addition to this, England has had quite a victorious year in terms of cricket and Australia left several winningopportunities untouched. The bookmakers have clearly made up their minds as well. As we take a look at the current odds for the winners of this year’s Ashes, it’s safe to say that England is in the favorite’s position.

Check out the 2019 Ashes odds and make sure to place your bets if you have not done so yet! Want to read more about the Ashes 2019? Make sure to take a look at this Ashes 2019 overview. This sports event will be a blast for both cricket fans and sports bettors all over the world. Don’t miss out!


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