UFC 249: Ferguson Vs Gaethje

As sports is calming down, it is hard to find any form of competition to keep us distracted. The best bet that the sports community has is to become acquainted with Esports. This is a new venture for many traditional gamblers and it might have a steep learning curve to it, but it is equally as competitive as other sports. Everyone is encouraged to stay indoors and stay safe. Self-quarantine is the best defence and attack to the Coronavirus. Everyone must stand alone, together!

That being said, one of the last few remaining competitions happening in the states is the UFC 249 card which will be happening on May 9th. The UFC is very well aware of the conditions being put on by the American government to cease all social gatherings and to encourage people to stay home and thus Dana White and the UFC are not going against any temporary laws being in place. The event will have less than 10 people at the same time and everything will be under regulation. One of the biggest differences is that (obviously) there will be no crowd watching. The fight will be on pay-per-view and everyone can watch it in the comfort of their home.

Tony Ferguson

This card will be the final card up until the COVID-19 pandemic passes. This is for the safety of all the fighters and staff of the UFC, but UFC 249 was promised to the public and so the fights that are planned will go down.

Dana White has stated that he might do more fights in the future, but everything is still unconfirmed. One of the biggest changes that the fight experiences was the withdrawal of Khabib Nurmagomedov from the fight against Tony Ferguson. This fight was meant to be a historic one but it seems to be cursed. The UFC booked these two fighters as headliners for five times. This time Khabib backed-out not because of any injury but because Russia invoked a travel ban which forced Khabib to stay in Russia and will not be able to travel to America to fight. This is obviously not his fault and he should adhere to the laws placed on by his government but this still leaves a vacant spot to fight Tony Ferguson.

This is were Justin Gaethje comes in. Gaethje has headlined a few times but he is not a high profile character like Khabib, Ferguson, Mcgregor or any of the well-known fighters. Albeit unknown this means nothing when the two walk into the cage. Gaethje has a 21 - 1 record, which makes him a worthy opponent to fight El Cucuy himself. He is on a 3 fight win streak, finishing most of his fights via TKO. His last fight against a worthy opponent and friend Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone was a great matchup and one which both enjoyed and everyone who is a fan of the sports loved to witness too. Gaethje vs Ferguson will be for the interim lightweight belt. This fight will surely bring in the excitement and adrenaline-fuelled one which fans were hoping for with the Khabib fight. Unfortunately, some fans will be left disappointed as to Khabib not participating, but in these times one should not argue with travel bans and restrictions as they are there to help the general public. For Gaethje, he took this fight with less than 3 weeks notice, so preparing for this fight will surely be a challenge. Ferguson, on the other hand, has been training to fight a wrestler and a submission artist and would need to change up his strategy if he wishes to win against Justin Gaethje.

Justin Gaethje

All in all, this going to be a very interesting bout, not only because the card is interesting but also fighting with no crowd around is a very rare occasion. The coronavirus has brought out the most unexpected and interesting moves with regards to companies trying to maintain their business and this is very interesting for the UFC. If this fight is a success they might venture off into new territories, no one knows! If you are looking to place bets on the fight our suggestion is to place bets through Bovada. This website will give you the best odds out there, while also having a platform that is easy to manage. Make sure to watch this fight because it will be a historic one! Always remember to stay safe and stay inside!


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