Champions League 2021: Teams You should keep an eye on

The Champions League is a soccer competition which is sought after by millions of fans. Teams from all over rally to compete in this competition in an event leading up to be a spectacle like no other. The League consists of around 79 teams in total and once they reach the group stage it will be dialled down to around 32 teams.

The champions league 2021 offers an amazing opportunity for people to bet money and win big, hence why so much is written about the event. It is a great time to make money! All you need to know is to understand a bit on who the teams to look out for are and to understand the game a bit more. To understand the game it doesn’t take much but to understand the teams and tactics it may take some time. Some people leave it to the hands of algorithms to predict who will win. You can read our article on Betegy to understand more about how these work. Basically, this is a prediction site, which provides statistics to calculate the best odds possible for any team. It is aimed to increase profit to anyone looking to wager.

Teams To Look Out For

As it stands, in the Champions League 2021, Bayern Munich have the biggest chance of winning, followed by Manchester City, Liverpool, PSG, Juventus, Chelsea and so on. This year has been nothing but twist and turns seeing as 2020 has been a rather unique year when it comes to sports and the pandemic.

A lot of major sporting events had to be cancelled or postponed to figure out what is going to happen and how they will be moving forward to tackle the Coronavirus issue while also being able to play the Champions League 2021, is no exception. This has caused some massive delays in sports and in soccer especially, having some games be changed to knockout, with no fans or only a few fans allowed in the stadium. That being said a lot of associations have found ways to make their events Covid safe and thus soccer was allowed to proceed.

Furthermore, Manchester United was probably one of the biggest upsets in this year’s soccer outcomes as they fell out of the competition in the group stages. While massive clubs like Barcelona or Real Madrid managed only slightly to pass through despite showcasing some poor performances and results. You can view the fixtures and results of the Champions league 2021 on the UEFA page, where all the points are details clearly.

Obviously, as the tournament draws closer more odds will be available on markets. You don’t always have to bet on who will win or lose, you can bet on top goalscorer of the season, the main player of the tournament that outshines the rest, you may also bet on individual group winners. There are many options to choose from and that’s why a bit of research prior will go a long way if you want to come out with the biggest profits!

These are the dates to look out for:

  • The group stage and the draw for the last sixteen have passed, these happened on December 9th and December 14th respectively.
  • The last sixteen ties - February 16/17 and February 23/34
  • Draw for the rest of the competition - March 19th
  • Quarter-Final ties - April 6/7 and April 13/14
  • Semi-Final ties - April 27/28 and May4/5
  • The final will take place on May 29th

Hopefully, the beginning of 2021 will be on a more positive tone and we can start seeing the end of the coronavirus pandemic and we can resort to watching soccer live, and reliving the atmosphere of sportsmanship and competition. Until then we have to contend which watching games online in the comfort of our own home. This will give us more time to learn, understand and watch the game more intently without any distractions whatsoever.

Always remember to stay safe and not risk anything.


As mentioned prior, soccer is a sport viewed by many fans and bettors alike. Before one starts betting it is wise to first understand who the teams are and how the game is played. For inexperienced fans, this can be a new and exciting adventure because this sport has so much to offer. Besides the teams and the games, the culture that runs behind the sport is unparallel. It is hard to find a sport with such a level of hype and commitment compared to a lot of other major sports.

The UEFA champions league 2021 is just one competition to look out for, obviously, there is the massive worldwide event of the World Cup, there is also the Seria A competition, the British Premier League, the Bundesliga and others. You can look into these different associations and leagues, find the one which you enjoy the most and start understanding in order to come out with most profits. Always remember, that understand the game is the first step in a successful bettors journey, and doing this will save you a lot of money.

If you are inclined you may also be willing to subscribe to Betegy. This site will give you the best predictions and will do the research for you! It is a prediction site which basis it’s algorithm on the teams’ performance up until the point of betting so you. Thus, alleviating some of the pressure that is placed upon you when betting!


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