The Ashes 2019 Dates & Venues

Once again, the Ashes keeping sports enthusiasts and bettors under its spell. Despite what one may think, The Ashes are not the grey powder fire remains but it’s the title of a world-wide famous cricket tournament. In the series of Tests, England and Australia do their best to either regain or retain the Ashes trophy: an 11 cm tall urn.

The third Test only just came to an end and it has been an invigorating ride so far! T last edition in 2017 was played in Australia and the home team took their victory. We will discuss all of the Ashes dates and venues, the cricket venues that will host them, and give you all the reasons why the locations are perfect for this year’s Ashes!

Match Date Venue
First Test August 1-5 Edgbaston
Second Test August 14-18 Lord's
Third Test August 22-26 Headingley
Fourth Test September 4-8 Old Trafford
Fifth Test September 12-16 The Oval

As the first three Test matches have now come to an end, it is time to check which team currently is the most likely to snatch the trophy... Contrary to expectations before the Ashes took off, during the first Test Australia proved too big of a match for England and the team from down under took victory in this edition of the Ashes. After the second Test ended in a draw, England seemed to redeem themselves and managed to win the third Test.

The big question that remains: Who will win the 2019 Ashes?

Only two Tests to go and the two teams seem to be able to keep up with one another. We can't wait for the fourth Test at Old Trafford and the final Test at The Oval to bring us more cricket madness!

The Ashes is the perfect opportunity to place your bets and test your insights. With the first three Test now played, the outcome of the 2019 Ashes is still uncertain. Both teams have now won one Test and the third one ended in a draw. There still is the option to bet on the remaining two Tests separately. On top of that, there is the possibility to bet on which team will win the overall Ashes competition this year. Bet on either Australia to win, England to victor: There are plenty of choices for you to choose from and spread your chances!

The best way to find out who to place your bets on is to read up on the latest Ashes 2019 odds.

First Test | August 1 – 5 | Edgbaston

The Ashes 2019 Dates and Venues

The first Test of the 2019 Ashes will take place in Birmingham at Edgbaston. The venue was named after a suburban area of Birmingham and for many people, this is one of the greatest venues thanks to the second Ashes match it hosted in 2005. The 2005 second in the series took place in Edgbaston. Some say it’s the best Test match of all time, others see it as the most pressurized game of the 21st century; whatever floats your boat. One thing’s for sure, it was a memorable battle. The English hosts suffered defeat in the first Test of the year but only just regained their lead-position on the home territory after an invigorating few days of gameplay.

Are you looking for a bit more of live action regarding the Ashes? Tickets for the fourth day of this first Test, 4th of August 2019, are still available but be sure to get them quickly! The tickets for the Ashes in Edgbaston can be found here.

Second Test | August 14 – 18 | Lord’s

The Ashes 2019 Dates and Venues

On the 14th of August, the second Test in the series of the 2019 Ashes will commence. Lord’s in London; It’s another location that is well embedded in the world of professional cricket for several reasons. The venue is a sight for sore eyes as it blends the authenticity of its pavilion with the modern twist of the media center that encloses the grounds on both sides.
Apart from that, Lord’s cricket ground is one of the most ancient in the world. It hosted several editions of several of the most prestigious cricket tournaments in the world. On top of all that, it used to be HQ of the Marylebone Cricket Club who are the conservators of the Laws of Cricket. Therefore, the venue is often referred to as the “Cathedral of Cricket”.

It is most certainly a Test to look forward to in this 2019 series of the Ashes. If you are in the position to do so, make sure to get one of the last available tickets for the 18th of August, the last day of this Test. Tickets for the second Test of the 2019 Ashes at Lord’s can be found here.

Third Test | August 22 – 26 | Headingley

The Ashes 2019 Dates and Venues

For this third test of the Ashes, we will head to Leeds at the end of August. Lucky for all of the juniors who are into cricket, the third Test matches will take place during Bank Holiday Weekend! The Headingley stadium is home to Leeds Rhinos rugby league, Yorkshire Carnegie rugby union, and Yorkshire County Cricket Club. The separated rugby grounds and cricket field share their facilities in the stand housing. It used to be known as Headingley Carnegie Stadium due to the sponsorship of the Carnegie School of Sport Exercise and Physical Education (now known as Leeds Metropolitan University). In 2017, the naming rights were bought by Emerald Group Publishing.

The last Ashes the venue held took place in 2009. For tickets to attend the third Test match at Headingley, check out if there are any left here!

Fourth Test | September 4 – 8 | Old Trafford

The Ashes 2019 Dates and Venues

The cricket grounds of Old Trafford can be found in Greater Manchester. It opened its doors in 1857 when it was home to Manchester Cricket Club. This venue is quite extraordinary because it hosted the first Ashes Test in 1884 and has hosted 74 Tests in total. Old Trafford is the only location in England where two Test matches (in 1890 and 1938) never even took off due to unpredictable weather. Nowadays, it will be used as a musical venue every now and then. Remember to get your tickets soon as this is another popular venue to attend the Ashes! Check here if there are any tickets left for the fourth test.

Fifth Test | September 12 – 16 | The Oval

The Ashes 2019 Dates and Venues

The fifth and final Test of the 2019 Ashes will take place at The Oval in Kennington, London. It’s quite a common venue to finish Test series which is why it is often seen in a festive atmosphere of celebrations. As it is located in London, The Oval is one of the more easily accessible venues in England and therefore an obvious choice for the final series.

We expect for all of the 23,500 seats in the stadium to fill up easily, so if you are planning on getting tickets for the finale series you should do so quickly! Tickets for Ashes matches at The Oval can be found here.

How to watch the Ashes

The matches in the series of the Ashes will exclusively be broadcast live on UK’s Sky Sports. For Australia, the matches will be broadcast on Channel Nine. Any other locations probably won’t have their own broadcast which is why we recommend getting a VPN service. The cricket matches usually start at 11 am (AEST 8 pm) but can be delayed due to weather conditions. After all, they will take place in rainy England.

If you are willing to read more about the Ashes 2019, check out this previous article about the Ashes’ history. Have you figured out who will win this year’s edition yet? Make sure to place your bets now and if you haven’t done so yet, take a look at the Ashes 2019 odds and who is most likely to win.


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