Who Won The Super Bowl 2020?

The Kansas City Chiefs took home the gold after a long 50 - year wait, they beat the San Francisco 49ers, 31-20. This is a story the underdogs rising on top.

The Super Bowl is one of the most sought after games of the year. The hype around this game is truly a spectacle, the energy and atmosphere is always amazing and the bets are in full swing with hopes that people will come out on top! This is such a huge event and so many people are watching that a lot of announcements of big cultural releases usually happen during this day, not to mention the Super Bowl halftime show which always builds hype around it on its own!Patrick Mahomes made an amazing comeback in the fourth quarter to beat the 49ers. The game was a very intense one with a lot of swings but at the end, the Chiefs were trailing by 10 points but then scored three touchdowns over the course of only 5 minutes.

Kansas City Chiefs Team Celebrating

Mahomes stated that ‘We never lost faith - that’s the biggest thing’ and ultimately that is the most important thing. They have taken home the prize thanks to their determination and skill. Mahomes, aged 24, is the youngest quarterback to be named Super Bowl most valuable player. Mahomes The quarterback looked uneasy and shaky for much of the game, but his comeback in the fourth quarter was what got them back on track!

This win also gave Coach Andy Reid his first championship. His career was always defined by coaching teams that were great could never reach the top. This is the first win that got him to the top!

It is always great seeing the underdogs win and this is exactly what the Chiefs were. They have not won the super bowl in 50 years while also being at the back end for most of the game.

For the 49ers this loss is obviously a disappointing one, they are known for locking down late leads due to their defence but the Chiefs were able to break through and claim victory. For Coach Shanahan of the 49ers, the loss brought back some unwelcome memories of the Super Bowl of three years ago, his Atlanta Falcons blew a 28-3 fourth-quarter lead and lost to the Patriots. This comeback was not as steep as Tom Brady’s three years ago, but the feeling is all the same.

February 2019

Another year has passed and that means that another super bowl passed. Just like last year, the New England Patriots participated in. However, they took the heartbreak of last year and improved to win it.

The final result was 13-3 in favor of the Patriots against the Los Angeles Rams. This win saw the Patriots clinch a record-tying 6th Superbowl as the result was the least scoreline ever.

With the score still deadlocked in the first quarter, Gostkowski scored a field goal in the second quarter to give the Patriots a 3-0 lead. Zuerlein scores a field goal for the Rams to tie the result 3-3 in the third Quarter.

With 7 minutes to go in the 4th Quarter, Sony Michel scores a touchdown to give Patriots a 10-3 lead. The game got over eventually when the Patriots scored another field goal with just a little over a minute to go and the Patriots crowned as champions.

The Underdogs.

Yep. The Philadelphia Eagles.

For the first time, the Eagles are Super Bowl Champions, knocking off the New England Patriots 41-33 at US Bank Stadium. We think it’s safe to say that this was not the expected outcome that we all anticipated, who would have thought that the New England Patriots would suffer such a defeat? Looking back a few weeks ago, anyone you asked said that the returning champs will win the Super Bowl 52.

Who won the Super Bowl 2018 was a reminder that just like every other sport, you can predict the winner but the underdogs have a way of sneaking up.

As though to restore the balance and keep us sports fans in check and hungry for more, for another NFL season. The real jaw-dropping factor here is that quarterback Nick Foles was the Eagles back up man and ended up bring the team to Super Bowl history and victory.

Last night in Minnesota, Minneapolis we witnessed a landslide win and it wasn’t for the all-star team.

Read on to find out exactly what happened…

who won the super bowl 2018

What Happened In Last Night’s Super Bowl?

Everything seemed to be set for the Patriots to claim their 6th Super Bowl title, however, destiny or coach Doug Pederson had a different idea in mind.

This was the team’s first win since 1960, so we can only imagine how sweet this win was. The man of the hour was Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles who brought home a 41-33 win against the New England Patriots. The ironic thing here is that Foles took over from the starting quarterback Carson Wentz who had to take a back seat after suffering from an injury. A few weeks back, no one would have named Foles the most valuable player of the Super Bowl LII, all eyes were on Tom Brady, making Foles victory even more impressive. Looking back, the Patriots always had one problem and that was defence.

This really came to light in last night’s game as they were unable to stop the Eagles from scoring.

Eagles Win The First Super Bowl LII

Nick Foles was the 1st quarterback in NFL history to thrown for and catch a touchdown in Super Bowl history. Whilst Tom Brady was the first to lose a Super Bowl with 500+ yards, 3 Touch Downs and 0 interceptions.

Nick Foles was named Super Bowl MVP after completing 28 of 43 passes for 373 yards and three touchdowns. This is the same man who contemplated retirement back in 2016 after release from the Rams.

Coach Pederson commented that:

"Part of having a great offensive staff, every week we look at different plays around the league and the collegiate ranks, things that over the years that might fit what we do," Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said.

"We've found this one that would fit, and we've been working on it for the last couple weeks. Tonight was the night."

As for Patriots quarterback, he commented that:

"Losing sucks," Brady said. "That's part of it. You try to win and sometimes you lose. That's the way it goes."

tom brady loses the super bowl 2018

Final Thoughts

We were amazed by the performance and happy with the winner. It is always fun to see an underdog of the sport, a team that has always tried their best and pushed for great results take home the prize.

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