Top 10 goal scorers of all time

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Football is the king of all sports and will most likely always be.

But what is that one thing we all look on for every time we watch a game on the television?

Is it the nice plays or a great save from the goalkeeper?

Of course not, the most exciting aspect of the game are the goals.

This is why today we are going to take a look at the top 10 goal scorers of all time.

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Keep in mind that because some of the football players you are about to see on this list were active many years ago so some of the information may not be that accurate.

However, the main picture doesn’t change much either way.

goal scorers of all time

Top 10 Goal Scorers Of All Time

Just to keep the adrenaline running we are going to present the players starting from the least to most goals scored in their professional careers.

10) Túlio Maravilha

We are kicking this list off with a Brazilian player who was active from 1988-2012.

Throughout his career, Túlio managed to score 575 times.

And if that sounds like a lot of goals just wait until we reach number one.

The striker with the number 7 on his jersey started his professional career for Goiás, a Brazilian club, where he stayed for his first 4 years scoring a total of 48 times.

He has changed teams more than 20 times and hasn’t stayed with one for more than 4 consecutive years.

It would be safe to say that he liked risking it all and trying to be better whenever he could thus the constant transfers.

He was active with the Brazilian national team for only 5 years and scored 13 times in 15 appearances.

He is mostly remembered as the player with whom Brazil was never defeated.

9) Uwe Seeler

Now, this is an idol of a football player. The German attacker was known for his modesty and fair play that characterized him throughout the entirety of his professional football career.

He started playing with the youth team of Hamburger SV when he was just a little boy and moved on to join the senior team in 1953.

He stayed with them since 1972.

In his 476 appearances with the club, he managed to score a whopping 404 times!

His career was considered over but he came out of retirement in 1978 just to play one last match for the Cork Celtic club and scored twice.

This was officially the finish line for Uwe.

He set the world record for being the first player to score in 4 World Cups beating Brazilian wonder, Pele, for only a few minutes.

In the entirety of his time he scored 575 goals (yes, exactly the same amount as Túlio Maravilha.

8) Ferenc Deák

A player that gave so much and is now, unfortunately, known for so little.

The 8th top Goalscorer of all time was the Hungarian player Ferenc Deák who scored 576 teams in his career.

The attacker was active for 17 years and the one thing that really catches one’s attention is the fact that he scored 220 goals in only 72 games with the club he started playing football for the first time.

He didn’t stop there. He got transferred and scored 200 times in 140 matches.

Up to this day, Ferenc is considered one of the best attackers in the sport’s history to have such a finishing.

Unfortunately, he died at the age of 76 back on April 18th, 1998.

7) Lionel Messi

If you thought that the Argentinian God of football was going to be higher on this list you would be wrong.

One thing is for certain though. If he keeps playing the same way he does now then he is bound to climb the ladder of the top 10 goal scorers of all time very quickly.

Lionel Messi started his professional career back in 2004 and has since scored 618 goals in 790 appearances.

He is the only player to have won the Ballon d’Or award 4 years in a row. As a total, he and Cristiano Ronaldo both have won it 5 times.

The number 10 has been with Barcelona throughout the entirety of his senior career and has scored 366 times in 401 games.

He and Romario, a Brazilian player, are both holders of the 5th place on the biggest match-goal ratio of football’s history at 0.78 goals per game.

lionel messi top scorer

6) Cristiano Ronaldo

This is where things get really interesting. We are sure that all of you are aware of the “rivalry” between Messi and Ronaldo and it is time to solve it.

Cristiano has scored 642 times in 924 appearances while at the same time Lionel Messi is 24 goals behind but with a 134 appearance difference.

You’ll be the judge!

Unlike Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo has been active since 2002 and didn’t join Real Madrid until 2009 with which he has been since.

The 32 year old Portuguese forward may have 289 goals in 279 appearances with the club of Madrid but the team that shaped him into what he is today was Manchester United and their coach, Sir Alex Ferguson who has now retired.

Apart from a top class football player, Cristiano is also known for being a fashion idol as well as a brand face for various major corporations such as Nike, Calvin Klein, Ultrex etc.

5) Gerd Müller

Next up is one of the most iconic top 10 goal scorers of all time.

We are of course referring to the German wonder of a player, Gerd Müller who has scored a grand total of 735 times in 793 games.

Gerd spent most of his time with the German club, Bayern Munich.

He stayed there for 15 years and simply wrote history as he has scored 398 times with them. His professional football career came officially to an end back in 1981.

Apart from the FIFA World Cup golden boot and the Ballon d’Or awards he was “crowned” the best player of Bundesliga of 40 years (1963-2003).

His football life was full of accomplishments and the only thing that made him lose his spark was alcoholism after he retired.

With the help of friends and previous teammates, he succeeded in rehabilitating himself and then was given an assistant manager position at the reserve team of Bayern Munich.

4) Ferenc Puskás

This name has to be synonymous with the word “success” because we really can’t find an explanation as to why both Hungarian top players had the same name.

In his professional career, Ferenc scored a total of 746 times in 754 games and became the second top goal-appearance ratio player in the history of a game (0.99 goals/game).

In his senior career, he played for only two clubs. These were Budapest Honvéd FC and Real Madrid. He scored 352 goals for the former and 156 times for the latter. Just one year after retiring he started managing teams and stopped doing so after 26 years!

The last team he managed was the national team of Hungary.

Ferenc died of pneumonia back on November 17th, 2006.

Various things bear his name such as the Puskás Ferenc Stadion (and the new one as well), the Puskás Akadémia FC, the Puskás Cup, the metro station outside the stadium, and the Puskás Award!

3) Pelé

Well, if you haven’t heard that name before we are sorry to be the ones telling you this but you probably shouldn’t even be reading this article right now.

The Brazilian forward isn’t only known for his impeccable finishing technique but for his dribbling and special skills as well.

There are countless videos throughout the internet showing him dribble pass many players at once.

Pelé had 831 appearances and scored a total of 767 times.

He was active from 1957 to 1977 and for the majority of this time, he played for Santos which is one of the biggest and most historic football clubs in Brazil.

Having scored 77 times, he is also the all-time leading scorer of Brazil’s national team.

He has the world record for the most hat-tricks (3 goals in one much), 92 to be precise.

Furthermore, he is a Guinness World Record holder for having the most career goals (with friendly games), 1283 in 1363 games.

Another Guinness World Record of his is that of the most FIFA World Cup winner’s medals, of which he has 3!

all time top scorers

2) Romário

We are almost there guys, hold on! In the second place of the top 10 goal scorers of all time, you have the one and only Romário.

Why do we refer to him as “the one and only”? Well, it might be the fact that this player managed to score 772 times in 994 games becoming the only Brazilian player to break Pelé’s record.

He started from the Brazilian Club, Vasco da Gama, and has been changing teams ever since either it being a transfer or a loan.

Long story short, he wasn’t like Pelé or Messi. He liked change but the only thing that never changed for him was the talent in him pushing him on to be the best. He came very close as he currently is the second top Goalscorer of all time.

What is really interesting about the story of Romário is that he was always winning various awards and quickly adjusted to his new teammates’ style of game.

With the national team of Brazil, he had 55 goals in 70 games. He has now turned to politics and is a federal senator from Rio de Janeiro.

1. Josef Bican

Drum roll, please. And the number one of all time is the Czech-Austrian striker, Josef Bican.

Throughout his career, he has managed to score 805 times in 530 games.

Because we care for you and don’t want you to tire yourself with math these numbers mean that his goal-game ratio was 1.52 which is also the biggest ever as second to that is the record of Ferenc Puskás at 0.99!

This goal count is the official data stated in his records but it may be a bit altered because of how many decades ago this player was active.

He started back in 1928 and retired in 1955. Due to the World War the countries for which he played changed multiple times.

As a result, he played for Austria (1933-1936), Czechoslovakia (1938-1949), and for Bohemia and Moravia (1939). After he retired from professional football he kept onto the sport as he managed various teams.

What made him so good? He was able to play with both feet and could sprint 100m in just 10.8 seconds which at the time was close to professional athlete standards. He wasn’t only the top Goalscorer of all time.

He was also awarded the greatest Goalscorer of the last century as he received the Golden Ball by IFFHS (International Federation of Football History & Statistics).

If we were to count all the goals including those from friendly games then Josef Bican would be close to 1468 goals scored in his career.


If we were to include some other well-known players then the list wouldn’t probably be very accurate due to the fact that in the older times the associations taking note of various statistics weren’t so “accurate.

This is why we had to craft this article based on the official and authorized sources available.

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That being said, these are the top 10 goal scorers of all time.

However, with players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the list is bound to change but no matter what happens one thing will most likely stay forever intact and that is Josef Bican being the well-deserved holder of the top goal scorer of all time!

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