Bodog promotions: reward levels and benefits

They’ve run MMA leagues and record labels, and now they are an official sponsor of the Canadian Football League. Bodog is undoubtedly one of the biggest international bookmakers out there, with branches in Canada, Europe and America.

If you’re a US player, you probably know of the US version of Bodog, Bovada. Our aim is to put the spotlight on the best bookmakers out there, drawing attention to sportsbooks that offer the best gaming experience to punters.

We’ve already commended Bovada for rehashing their website to make it mobile responsive, but the bookie has gone a step further, allying with its once-parent company to create an innovative bonus system.

Bodog’s reward system, which Bovada players can access, is the best bonus-system on offer right now, giving players the chance to accumulate points and reap bonuses and cash rewards.

When picking the best bookmakers, we look at their live betting platform, margins, diversity of markets, and the promotions and bonuses they offer. But what matters more than these criteria's is reputation - a bookmaker may promise a lot of features, but then deliver little. Bodog

Bodog has built their reputation through sponsorships of major events, offering reliable service, high liquidity, and excellent entrepreneurship. Likewise, Bovada has grown to become the biggest bookmaker in America, drawing in ten times the traffic of its closest competitors

Bodog promotions

Bodog And Bovada: A Look At Their History

In 2011, Bodog, headquartered in the US, moved from the betting sector to legal markets. Due to this move, the company didn’t want its brand associated with United States gambling.

In light of this, was created that same year. Bodog still remains open as a bookmaker in various countries in the EU and around the world. Although the two companies are now separate and have little influence over one another, they tend to collaborate and follow in one another’s footsteps.

Aside from creating a joint reward system, they’re also the first two sports books to take bets on the actual valuation of Bitcoin, a popular currency to gamble with online thanks to its anonymous nature and low transaction fees.

Founded in 1994 by Canadian entrepreneur Calvin Ayre, Bodog started as an online gambling company, but quickly ventures into other areas, including music and television productions, a mixed martial arts league, and consumer coffee sales.

Bodog met its fair share of challenges. Starting in July of 2005, the 1st Technology, LLC law firm shut down the domain and then filed a lawsuit citing patent infringement. After a long legal battle, Bodog had to pay around $49

After a long legal battle, Bodog had to pay around $49 million but was able to gain control of their domain. In light of this, they began licensing other versions of the brand the same way they were licensing the .com to Mohawk Morris Gaming Group (MMGG). This saw the creation of in Canada. focused on the Asian market, and focused on the UK.

In July 2011, Bodog announced that its deal with MMGG would terminate by the end of the year, after which MMGG transferred its customers to its new Bovada brand. Bovada has now become the biggest bookmaker in the US.

Bodog Promotions

Betting With Bodog: Promotions And Rewards

While in Canada focuses on the Asian Market and has grown into one of the most popular gambling sites in the country, Bovada operates in the US in the same capacity and has similarly become the top bookmaker in the country.

Normally, Bovada offers a sign-up bonus of 50% on your first deposit, which is capped at $250. /sports-betting-reviews/bovada-bonus-codes They also have a variety of promotions throughout the season. For example, if you signup with Bovada ahead of the Mayweather vs McGregor fight, you get a 100% bonus on your first deposit instead of 50%.

The Reward System

When you bet with Bodog or Bovada, you earn points for all the sports bets you make and casino games you play. Basically, the more you play, the more points you get and the higher you climb in their rewards levels. Moreover, you can cash in your points for cash bonuses whenever you want.

Every time you place a stake on a sport, you earn tier points and reward points. The rewards points you earn can be redeemed at any time for cash bonuses. Simply exchange some, or all, of your points for a cash bonus whenever you want. The rate at which rewards points are earned varies per game, game category and wager type. The table below shows how many points you earn for each kind of bet you make.

Bodog promotions

As you accumulate points, you rise in their tier list, getting better cash bonuses with every new level you reach.

The first level, referred to as Premier Level 1, gives you a daily 5.5% cash back on losses. The final level you can reach is Elite, and it gives back a daily 15% cash back on losses. Your rewards status can never be taken away, so this bonus is permanent. These bonuses remain even if you take an extended time away.

Bodog has promised to expand the program further in the programs, with new exclusive promotions and offers to those who rise in the tier list.


Sign up and get bonuses with Bodog & Bovada’s reward system to take advantage of the fantastic rewards and benefits on offer by the two bookmakers. If you’re a US player, Bovada is the way to go. If you’re from the EU, Bodog is definitely a fantastic addition to have to your list of bookmakers.

Despite dominating the punting market, Bovada has kept the gates open to both seasoned punters and rookies, allowing stakes as low as $1 on its markets. If you’re a starting punter, Bovada is a fantastic way to dip your toes in the sports betting world. And with this system in place, you will be able to reap more rewards as you progress in your journey to becoming a pro punter.

Now with Bodog's Promotions and reward betting system in place, you will be able to reap more rewards as you progress in your journey to becoming a pro punter.

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