Everything You Need to Know About Premier League Betting

The Premier League is the most-watched football event in the world and it has surpassed the border of the United Kingdom decades ago. While the betting keeps becoming a bigger part of the sports industry, in general, more and more venus is now offering sports betting, which reaches its peak around the start of the premier league. We’re going to give you a rundown on what’s currently happening in the premier league and how to bet to maximize your gains.

Betting and Premier League

Betting has actually made the connection between the players and the fans much more personal. Even though fans of English football clubs are notorious for being so involved with the players and the games the betting industry has taken that on a whole new level. People from all around the world are involved in betting so you can bet from venues that offer regular casino games and this is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Nowadays, you can access real money casino blackjack game with an account that you use to bet on sports. Even regular casinos are waking up to the potential of betting and its popularity.

If sports betting was once a very niche activity now it is gaining more and more power in the gambling industry and occupying more physical and digital space to deliver their services to the masses. As mentioned above the popularity of Premier Leagues is unparalleled and that paired with the increased demand for betting it creates a great pairing that benefits both parties. Premier League will last till May 17th of 2020, so if you still haven’t bet anything you still have time to start now.

Breakdown of this season

Everything You Need to Know About Premier League Betting

So far Liverpool has stood out as the undefeated winner with 20 wins and 1 draw under its belt, followed by Manchester with 15 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses and Leicester City coming in the 3rd place with 14 wins, 3 draws and 5 loses. While Manchester United has managed to win only 9 out of 22 games. The setup is pretty standard for the premier league and so far we haven’t seen any major unexpected twists. Liverpool has been on a winning streak, even with their under-strength side, as was the case during the game against Everton in the FA Cup third round. Their next game is against Spurs and judging from their impressive performance so far, Spurs have a very limited chance of winning and at best can hope for the draw. Spurs haven’t had the greatest season and have been defeated by the Merseysiders yet again.

On the other end, Southampton has won four games and had one draw through their last five games, but this lucky streak might come to an end with their game against Leicester City, who has had an impressive couple of games with Manchester City and Liverpool, the ladder ending with a draw. Manchester City who for now is second only to Liverpool is expected to step up and accumulate more wins towards the end of the season since they managed to win 5 out of their last 6 games. Sergio Aguero who plays for the City has even taken over as the record overseas goalscorer, taking the title away from Thierry Henry. He was hailed as a legend after setting the new high for the Premier League, through a game against Aston Villa where he scored a hat-trick. Aguero now has 177 goals under his belt, which he achieved at his 255th game in the Premier League.

Perfect Time to start betting

There are the obvious winners here that you can bet on confidently and depend on what type of accumulators or bets you’re participating in you can judge from the previous games. While Liverpool is the safest choice for now and it will likely stay that way for a while, Manchester City, with their outstanding players as well as Leicester have a fair shot at becoming champions.

So far Norwich City and Bournemouth have had the worst season, with Norwich gaining only 3 wins out of 22 games losing 14 of them, while Bournemouth managed to win 5, draw 5 and lose 12 of them. Aston Villa has also had a surprisingly unsuccessful season with only 6 wins under their belt and whole 13 losses. But the best part about Premier League is that it the outcome can change pretty easily and it is exciting to watch because of it, but so far the teams have been consistent with their performances so it's hard to imagine that someone other than Liverpool, Manchester City of Leicester will end up winning the championship title.

Now is a perfect time to start betting because the overall tone of the championship has already been set, but there is still enough time and matches left ahead that you can get excited about the games and enjoy the championship while knowing that your choices are more or less safe and you’re making the right choices based on the previous games in the season. So if you haven't bet on Premier League yet now is the time to do so.


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