Everything you need to know about NHL AllStar Weekend 2021


The NHL is a massive sporting event which is sought out by many people looking for great sport and competition. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, the NHL All-Star had to be cancelled due to the safety precautions and risk.

It was originally scheduled for January 29th and 30th of next year (2021). This event has been pushed back to 2022. The NHL also announced that the annual outdoor game to ring in the New Year has unfortunately also been pushed back. The NHL is also thinking about new ways to engage their fans as many other sports are doing to keep going during these trying times.

Mayer stated: “Because of the uncertainty as to when we will be able to welcome our fans back to our games, we felt that the prudent decision at this time was to postpone these celebrations until 2022 when our fans should be able to enjoy and celebrate these tentpole events in-person, as they were always intended," Steve Mayer, NHL senior executive vice president and chief content officer, said in a league statement.

"We are also considering several new and creative events that will allow our fans to engage with our games and teams during this upcoming season,”

What Can the NHL Do?

The NHL All-Star had to cancel and rightly so, if the event is not safe than it is better for the players and the general public and attendance to not be put to risk. That being said, there are ways with which a sporting body can make the event Covid friendly and safe. For example, football games are still taking place, with players being tested before the games and there are fans in attendance, or if any, only a handful. This will ensure that the games will continue as planned but people will not be put in harm’s way.

The UFC and Dana White have taken it to the next level. They have organised events on an island called ‘Yas Island’ in Abu Dhabi. This will ensure that all events can remain as planned and with all the safety precautions adhered to. All the people who enter fight island have to be tested and cleared in order to compete, work or spectate etc. The UFC already had 5 events having 3 of their best fighters competing. The UFC have some great fights scheduled with UFC 256 having the return of Tony Ferguson, UFC Vegas 17 having Chimaev vs Edwards and a date specifically made for Mcgregor in UFC 257 against Dustin Poirier for their rematch.

Most of the UFC events are taking place because of the quick thinking of Dana White and the UFC. Most of their money comes from PPV so promotion has to be higher than usual in order to maintain such events. The NHL All-Star can take inspiration from such events to find a way how to combat the virus and still be able to reach their fans with great and more importantly safe sports.

Boxing is also adapting well. There have been great fights during the Covid pandemic, for example, Dillian Wythe vs Povetkin or Usyk vs Derek Chisora. Canelo is said the make an appearance and others. Obviously, the crowd is smaller, almost close to none, and the arena has been substituted by a medium-sized room or in Matchroom Boxings case, their own HQ!

Where To Go From Here?

The NHL All-Star was one of the major events that people were looking forward to January but it is not the end of the world. As we edge closer and closer to the vaccine we can start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Events postponed may soon resume when everything has been declared safe and hopefully we can get back to normality. Unfortunately, we are not there yet and we need to find other events.

Sports which is able to take place on a smaller scale is obviously doing better than other sports that haven’t been able to adapt well. Sports like snooker, darts, combat sports and other events of this calibre are having closed events.

A bit of research will lead you into discovering new sports or even esports. If you are looking to bet on something make sure to check what esports games are going on. This is fairly recent and traditionalists to the betting game might find it hard to understand but it is the future of where we are headed now. Esports tournaments are growing bigger and bigger and it is only a matter of time until they get the recognition they deserve.


The NHL All-Star has taken a massive hit due to the event in January being postponed, but needless to say, this is a very important lesson and hockey should look to its other fellow sports. A lot of sports have adapted to retain their audience and hockey should and will do the same.

If you are willing, you should do some research on what sports is still available and which interests you. Our Bovada review will also direct you to one of the best betting platforms right now. One should also take this as a great opportunity to venture out to new sports. Some sports is taking the highlight more than others due to its availability and it being able to still take place under Covid regulations. Hence, this is a rare opportunity that some smaller sports that usually does not compete with football, Basketball and Soccer take centre stage!


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