SportsInsights review: sports analysis software

After a lot of questions about this tool, we've decided to try it out and publish our ultimate Sports Insights review. We're all agree that sports analysis can give your sports betting a great kickstart if used properly. See if Sports Insights could become your friend in betting.

Who are Sports Insights?

Sports Insights is a sports betting analytics platform with the stated purpose to help punters make smarter bets and make more money.

The service was founded in 1999 by a group of people with diverse backgrounds such as economists, financial experts and sports betting professors.

This platform is an online leading provider in betting services and general sports information. The services that we will be covering in our Sports Insights review are their sports betting software, best free betting tips, public betting trends and live odds.

Sports Insights have built a reputation for having a strong understanding for public trends based on their activity at major sports bookmakers. This attribute is the foundation for their betting strategy that they share with its consumers.

A nice feature that Sport Insights have to offer is the resources tab, supplying free information to its consumers. These resources include their own blog, free betting trends, video tutorials, webinars, sports betting articles and XML Feeds.

Sports Insights Review

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  • Price: $149 p/month or $249 p/month (more details below)
  • Our Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

An Overview Of Sports Insights

Today, the world of sports betting may be overwhelming for individuals who lack the capability to break down the data they are given and turn it into information for the betting activity.

Can say from personal experience that Sports Insights will drastically improve your performance and allow you to target new highs of profits. In my opinion, this platform is a must-have for all sports punters.

On their website it is stated that ‘Data is the cornerstone of successful sports betting’ and they back this up by their data-based services that they offer.

Their services are divided into 3 main sections which are called Sportsbook Insider, Bet Labs and Our Picks.

The "Sportsbook Insider"

Sportsbook insider’s purpose is to provide the platform’s customers with the latest odds, as they change of the giant bookmakers. The software that they use is the most advanced of its kind that I have ever encountered.

It tracks any major force that affects upcoming events such as how the public is betting, injuries and weather reports.

You are instantly provided with the live odds from over 50 different sportsbooks. This is a web-based service so do not have to download anything unless you want to have their mobile app, which is available on Android and iOS.

On top of this, Sportsbook Insider gives consumers an insight to the public trends on popular sportsbooks. These trends are broken down into several different sectors, allowing users to grasp what is happening in the betting environment.

This type of feature is only available on Sportsbook Insider, it is the only tool like it in the world.

Once you register as a pro user, you will receive Sports Insights best bet picks. This is an unbiased service where they push bets that will most likely end in up winning. Since 2010, the platforms boasts a 55% win rate across all major sports.

Another feature you will have access to once you become a pro member is the platform’s Bet Signals. This will act as alerts for users to take advantage of opportunities that the Sport Insights’ software spots.

Line Watcher

This feature is only available when signing up for the pro membership. Line Watcher allows users to be set up an alert for when the line reaches their desired target.

This allows users to place bets instantly and in favourable decisions and only takes about 10 seconds to be set up.

Personally use this feature as it makes me capable to bet on multiple games without having to keep updated and place bets for every single game.

Bet Labs

Bet Labs gives members the opportunity to build a system tailored to their needs and allow to get the best possible understanding of betting data without any required expertise.

Before Bet Labs, building an excellent betting system required a huge amount of time and expertise to build and maintain.

Now with this service, this is now achievable by anyone in the sports betting world. Your own system can be created in three simple steps which are choose a sports, wager type and name for your very own system.

You have a variety of options, with over 400 different filters and years of trends that have proved to profitable in history.

The main factor that makes this service so powerful is that it has been collecting details for almost 15 years, therefore the patterns are considered true and fair.

This takes data mining to the next level, with areas covered such as betting percentages, line movement, ref bias, weather, and other difficult or impossible to find data.

Besides have the ability to create your system, you will have access to over 50 professionally built betting systems from the team at Bet Labs.

A feature called Think Tank which is perfect for users to build a community amongst sports punters, and interact with each other by sharing great ideas on how to build great systems tailored to their specific needs.

This allows users to copy a system straight from Think Tank and thus offers them more options to use.

The amount of ways you may filter the ideas on Think Tank makes it very easy to get the information you want from a vast variety of options.

Our Picks

This service is my favourite out of all of the features Sports Insights have to offer. This platform takes ‘the bet of the day’ concept to a whole new level.

Their approach is based on the fact that betting odds are based on perceived value of sports fans, that these values are made up and not actually a true reflection of reality.

The Sports Insights software is able to point out and take advantage of irrational odds that bookmakers create to accommodate for it’s registered customers.

Since the platform has been collecting data for 20+ years of experience, it gives them a cutting edge when deciding which bets to choose.

On their website they state the reason why their services work is that their team consists of PhD and CFA graduates and not the random Joe.

Should You Pay For A Membership?

Although Sports Insights offers plenty of information for free that will have a significant effect on your success rate in betting, I would strongly consider purchasing a membership to have access to the exclusive content.

There are two packages that Sports Insight offer to become members. These packages are the Premium package and the Pro package.

The premium package costs $149 per month while the Pro package costs $249 per month. Both of the packages from 50 different bookmakers and in depth information.

The biggest plus of becoming a pro member is that you will receive all of Sport Insights’ which have a proven track record of 55% win rate.

sportsinsights pricingFinal Words

Whether you decide to remain a free customer or a registered member on any of the plans offered, regularly visiting Sports Insights should not even be up for debate.

The information they provide will change your betting perspective as it makes you focus on aspects which are not known to the average punter. They have changed the betting strategy of thousands of people and you should join them.

Sports Insights shows the everyday punter that taking a mathematical approach is much more efficient than basing your bets on sports knowledge. As unpredictable sport is, there are patterns to be taken advantage of and Sports Insights are capable of showing them to you with roughly 20 years of experience.

Thanks for reading our Sports Insights Review. We would love to hear your feedback so leave your comments below and for more reviews like this, scroll up to the top of the page and press on the reviews tab.

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