Eurovision 2019 odds: top 10 picks and favourites

WIth the Eurovision a month away, a lot of people are wondering what the Eurovision 2019 will be. Read our article to look at our top 10 picks and betting tips.

On Tuesday 14 May, Thursday 16 May and Saturday 18 May, Europe will come together to select one winner for the biggest musical contest around the world. Eurovision 2019.

The Eurovision 2019 will be in Tel Aviv after last year winner Netta went against all odds to win the prize.

Who will be this year’s winners? With the Eurovision about a month away, this is the time that the people starting predicting the winner while betting.

That’s why Enter Bookmakers. In this article, we will give you an overview of the 10 most favorites to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv.

1. Netherlands

Duncan Laurence

Duncan Laurence is the Dutch singer that will aim to take the Netherlands to a much better position than the 18th position of last year.

Duncan’s start to the musical career was a steep one. From playing in a number of school of bands he participated in the fifth season of the Voice in Holland in which he was eliminated in the Semi-final.

He will be taking the song Arcade with him to Tel Aviv after it was selected internally from AVROTROS, Dutch broadcasters.

This song is about love being a crazy thing. The lyrics are all about how you fall into it, then it’s gone and you start hoping for it to come back.

Duncan Laurence translates love as that little kid in a big arcade which is addicted to winning although loses some times or most of the times.

While the singer doesn’t have any experience in his own singles, Duncan wrote the song Closer for the New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love album of TVXQ in 2018.

Can the 60th participation in the song contest end up with their fifth win of this reputable song contest?

The bookies definitely think so. The Netherlands are the favorites to win this year Eurovision song contest with William Hill and Leo Vegas putting them first in Eurovision 2019 Odds.

2. Russia

Sergey Lazarev

Sergey Lazarev is the one to take Russia again to the Eurovision song contest after representing them in 2016 and finished third.

Last year saw a disappointing contest for Russia considering their reputation in the competition as they failed to qualify to the final.

Sergey started from a young age of 6 practicing artistic gymnastics which followed by acting and singing 4 years later.

His child stardom was proofed by receiving awards and winning several children’s song contests, increasing his reputation in motherland Russia.

Whilst taking part in these song contests, Sergey Lazarev had the honor to sing with the president orchestra led by Pavel B. Ovsyannikov.

After being part of the popular group Smash! Which was dismantled, Sergey went solo and build a reputation for himself.

Eurovision’s 2019 song will have the name of the scream and the lyrics are about when you are young we have fears which when we grow up turn to screams and reality.

While Russia is not expected to win, the fact that he was 3rd in 2016 shouldn’t be ignored. Sergey will surely not disappoint the audience.

In fact, he is the second favorite just behind the Netherlands. What’s going to be for Russia in their 22nd song contest? Will, he win it just like Dia Bilan did in 2008 after participating again after finishing second in 2006?

3. Switzerland

Luca Hanni

Luca Hanni was selected by an internal selection to take Switzerland to the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv.

Whilst is going to be his first bow in the most popular song contest, Luca has some musical achievement of his own.

He released the single Don’t think about me in 2012 which reached number one in Germany and Austria while getting the gold status in Switzerland.

This was an honor for Switzerland, as Luca Hanni became the first Swiss to get at the top of the charts in Germany for 52 years.

After getting the most views in the Video Portal Clipfish for the song video, remixes was done and reached high heights around the world.

Hanni received numerous awards in his homeland prompting for being the right choice for Switzerland after failing to qualify to the final in the last 4 years.

The song’s name will be She Got Me, which is about his infatuation for a woman that captures his imagination to rock it on the dance floor.

With Switzerland being credited with the first victory in the first Eurovision song contest ever, Luca Hanni can be the man to bring the award back home after some wretched record in the song contest.

The bookmakers he has the same opportunity as Russian singer Sergey Lazarev.

4. Sweden

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Tel Aviv: Who are the favourites?

After winning the Melodifestivalen 2019, John Lundvik qualified to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv.

John Lundvik was born in the United Kingdom but was adopted and raised from Swedish Expatriates which traveled back to Sweden when he was six.

His United Kingdom relation also lead to composing the United Kingdom song Bigger than Us which will be taking part in this song contest.

Whilst his talent in Music is second to none, John also had a love for Sports. In fact, he represented his hometown Vaxjo in the 2005 Swedish Championships in a relay event where he won the bronze medal.

With his first single being Friday Saturday Sunday in 2015, his biggest success was My Turn in 2018 where he hit the number 10 in the Swedish Charts.

Needless to say that put him early favorite to win with his song Too Late For Love and qualify for the Eurovision.

The song is about transmitting the message that you never give up for love and you need to think less about it as it’s never too late to fall in love.

Sweden has a history of their own in the Eurovision song contest with 6 victories. Question is, can they make it 7 in this edition? After finishing seventh last year, the people will hope they can achieve better this year.

John Lundvik is the 4th favorite to win the competition.

5. Italy

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Tel Aviv: Who are the favourites?

Italy is one of the big five and so qualifies to the final immediately, however, in recent years Italy grew a reputation of being solid contenders for this song contest.

This year’s contestant will be Mahmood, after coming into prominence due to the Italian X Factor.

What lead Mahmood to the Eurovision, however, was winning the Sanremo Music Festival with the same song.

Mahmood is quite popular with Italians as has written side by side with Marco Mengoni some tracks in the album Atlantico.

Between winning the Sanremo and participating in the upcoming song contest, Mahmood released a successful album.

The song that he will take to the Eurovision Song Contest is Soldi. Soldi is a song about how money ruins our daily relationships with the people we meet and love.

The message of the song might be the strongest from all the songs and that’s why it’s one of the most looked forward although it’s in Italian.

After finishing 5th last year, which is a result many lamented as being unlucky and unfair, this year Italy will aim to finish better and maybe even win it.

The bookmakers are giving them the same odds as Sweden to win it with some even putting them better.

6. Iceland


Hatari is an Icelandic band which its name translates to Hater. The band members are Klemens Nikulasson Hannigan, Matthias Tryggvi Haraldsson, and Einar Hrafn Stefansson.

The band is known for their powerful live performances as shown in the Songvakeppnin, a national broadcaster, which they won to enter in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 at Tel Aviv.

Hatari’s song won by a mile against competing songs. The name Hatrid mun Sigra, means hate will prevail and it’s with the Icelandic Language.

The message of this song is to destroy capitalism around the world. This song is seen by many as a way to give something different to the night of the contest.

Their act will be definitely powerful and it’s one of the live performances that will be looked for mostly.

Hatrid mun Sigra also topped the charts during the year in Iceland. That’s due to the fact of the message being strong.

This year’s contest will be the 36th time Iceland participates and the highest position they ever achieved was second, twice. In last year’s contest, they got eliminated in the semi-final.

Odds have been given on par with Sweden and Italy, as a proof of what is expected from the three Icelandic art students.

7. Cyprus


Tamta is going to be the one who will take Cyprus to the ultimate platform of musical contests in 2019.

Whilst Tamta was born and raised in Georgia, she started singing from the early age of 5. Her story is an inspiration to anyone who wants to achieve their dreams.

After divorcing she immigrated to Greece and to make money for a living she helped her mother as a housekeeper.

In 2003, started everything for her. She was recommended for Super Idol and from that talent show, she got to the final and would be a start for an excellent career.

She was signed from a greek music label due to her exceptional talent and published her first single Eisai To Allo Mou Miso.

In 2006 she released her first album and started touring prompting to earn the best new artist award.

During December 2018 she was given the chance to represent Cyprus in the upcoming contest with the song Replay.

Replay song is set to offer a great spectacle for viewers and could be the song that proves to be the third time lucky for Cyprus.

After two years being runners up, Cyprus are odds on to finish in the top 7. Can she prevail against all odds?

8. Greece

Katerine Duska

Katerine Duska is known in Greece for her debut album Embodiment which she provided a breathtaking live performance in Athens in 2015.

She was chosen internally by the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation to take the seat in the Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

This will be the 39th time that Greece will participate and has a good record too. While winning the contest with the song My Number One in 2005, they have always qualified to the finals of the song contest with 2004 and 2011 always finishing in the top 10.

Having failed to qualify for the final last year, Greece will hope that this time Katerine Duska can get them back amongst the best of European music.

Katerine Duska confirmed that Better Love will be the song for the contest. She wanted to give a song to the public about embrace, a fighting spirit to love.

Greece has similar odds to Cyprus. Can they be better this year? Can they win the Eurovision Song Contest for the second time?

It’s going to be an interesting answer, and one to look forward come May.

9. Malta

Michela Pace

This year the Maltese public saw a change in how the song is selected for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv.

Michela Pace was selected after winning the inaugural X Factor, hence, bar having the honor of winning the first competition she will also represent her country in the biggest platform in Europe.

Not to mention the fact she won a deal with Sony Music Italy.

The Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) later confirmed that the song Michela Pace will be taking to Israel is Chameleon.

Chameleon message is all about a person that is adaptable for whatever life throws at your way. Which is somewhat motivational, to say the least.

Although having not won the Eurovision ever Malta, they had some golden years. Years which feels behind them in this decade.

Can this new way of selecting the song bring Malta top of this contest? Can Malta also actually win it?

Malta was one of the favorites at the beginning although now have fallen in Odds and have the same odds as Greece and Cyprus to win it.

10. Norway

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Tel Aviv: Who are the favourites?

Keiino is a group which will be taking Norway to the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv.

The Group was formed in summer 2018 by Tom Hugo Hermansen and Alex Olsson which then were later joined by Sami, Fred-Rene Buljo and Alexandra Rotan.

Alex Olsson and Tom Hugo Hermansen had started writing Spirit in the Sky before forming the group which was the song that won Melodi Grand Prix 2019.

The winner of the Melodi Grand Prix joins the other 40 Eurovision contestants, hence, Keiino joins.

The song Spirit in the sky is about equality and the struggle down the years to win the losing battle.

Spirit in the Sky peaked 3rd in the Norwegian charts as a non-album single. After being represented by one time Alexander Rybak last year, finishing a lowly 15th Place, the Norwegian people will hope for better success come May.

Norway are tenth favorites to win the competition and will look to win it for the 4th time.

Betting Tips

1. Know Your Singer

The singer might make a difference in the eyes of the European public due to their story and past songs.

In the 2019 song contest, have a look at Sergey Lazarev of Russia who will be running for the contest for the second time after finishing a respectable 3rd in 2016.

2. Running Order in the Semi Final

Apart from the fact that the running order can prove the deciding factor tow in the competition after a large set of tiebreakers. Usually, the running order has a psychological effect.

Imagine being a singer and you will kick start the final! Imagine the pressure! These are all aspects that can affect the singer performance hence changing the outcome of the public and jury results.

3. The message of the song

One thing that makes music as a powerful way to express yourself is the message of a song. This is something that much of the voters keep in mind before voting.

In this year’s song contest, expect Italy to rack up a lot of points due to the powerful message that contains money.

4. Public’s vote pattern

Have a look at how countries voted in recent years. One criticism that the Eurovision had down the years is that some countries have the same pattern, which means favoritism.

Look at how countries voted so you can have an idea of how points were voted.

Where to bet?

William Hill


William Hill is an established bookmaker which made themselves on the top of the chain in 1930 when finding a legal loophole to be able to bet. Fast forward to today, William Hill has an exceptional reputational with bettors and has over 2300+ licensed betting offices over the UK alone.

Leo Vegas

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Tel Aviv: Who are the favourites?Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Tel Aviv: Who are the favourites?Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Tel Aviv: Who are the favourites?

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Tel Aviv: Who are the favourites?Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Tel Aviv: Who are the favourites?

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