Egypt named bookmakers’ favourite to win Africa Cup of Nations 2021 despite 2019 failure

Egypt national team is dominating Africa but has a lot of rivals that claim to be the best African football nation. Algeria and Senegal, finalists of the Afcon 2021, are Egypt's main opponents in the future tournament according to the betting sites. Nigeria and Ivory Coast are placed third in the bookmakers’ lists, while Cameroon and Ghana are next.

Egypt is the most successful team of the Africa Cup of Nations. They have had problems in the previous event losing in the Round of 16 to South Africa. But in the qualifications for the Africa Cup of Nations 2021, Egypt has returned to its best. conditions: the team has not lost a single match and has finished first in the group G.

Egypt roster is the best in Africa. Mohamed Salah, one of the best forwards in the Premier League, is the top scorer of his national team. Egypt to win the title for the 8th time comes with the odds of 6.00 (+500). Chances are around 16.7%

Algeria and Senegal have greatly improved their positions in Africa after the last tournament. Algerian’s triumph was unpredictable but they kept dominating and finished qualifications with 4 wins and 2 draws. Senegal had the same result in qualifications, with many African stars in their lineup. Both teams come with the same odds of 7.00 (+600) to win the Africa Cup 2021. Chances are around 14.3%.

Nigeria and Ivory Coast are formidable teams, which always play in quarter-finals and semis. They possess strong rosters. Both have finished the qualification first. Nigeria haven’t lost a match, while Ivory Coast has been defeated in 1 fixture only.

Nigeria to win at CAF comes with the odds of 8.50 (+750), equaling an approximate probability of 11.8%. Ivory Coast’s odds and chances are the same.

Cameroon and Ghana are the 2nd and 3rd most successful teams of the Africa Cup, respectively. They finished CAF 2019 in the Round of 16, which can’t be called a success for these teams, but in the qualifications, they topped their groups and lost 1 game only.

Both teams are priced with the same odds of 10.00 (+900) to triumph — probability of 10%.

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