Bovada sportsbook review: online betting rookie platform

In our latest Bovada sportsbook review, we take a look at how this little-known bookmaker has become America's biggest player in online sports betting.

For those of you who do not know, Bovada is the American version of Bodog which is a canadian sports bookmaker we reviewed earlier this month. U.S. citizens do not have access to Bodog so Mohawk Morris Gaming Group created Bovada to target the American audience.

For those who did not read our Bodog review, we will be providing a background on how Bovada came to the betting market.

Bovada is the only online sports bookmaker who solely offers their services to American residents. Initially, Bodog used to provide it services in the U.S. until its brand was removed.

Therefore, Bovada was MMGG’s way back into the american betting market.

Since then, Bovada has excelled to become one of the top options for the U.S. market. This happened after many competitors in fear of prosecution from the U.S. government, but Bovada took a risk and decided to remain in America. This risk paid off.

This was the start of the Bodog brand, which then was followed by Bodog88, Bodog UK and Bodog Europe. Most of these brand have no closed down with only and Bodog88 still running.

Bovada Sportsbook Review

  • Name: Bovada Sportsbook
  • Website:
  • Sign-up Bonus: 50% bonus on first deposit
  • Minimum Deposit:$1
  • Rating: 3.0/5.0

Since the transition from Bodog to Bovada in attempt to regain their U.S. audience, the change was very smooth as it virtually recreated the Bodog platform.

They kept their fantastic software for their poker,racebook, casino and sportsbook. So although the Bovada brand was new, it offered the same enjoyable experience and value that existed for more than a decade with Bodog.

Bovada gets roughly three and a half million visitors each month which means it gets approx. 10 times the amount of traffic its nearest american competitor (BetOnline).

Despite being almost ten times the size of any of its competitors inside in the U.S. market, Bovada has the best response rate in both of its payout rate and its professional customer support.

Despite all this and after 15 years in the business, Bovada provide the faster cashout and payouts than any other American gambling site.

Today, Bovada has a fantastic reputation in the United States and has established itself as a reliable bookmaker of high integrity.

Bovada’s Sports Betting Markets

Bovada has an extensive range of markets, providing more than any american punter would ever need. They are one of the largest in the U.S. markets.

The list of sports you may bet on are as follows:

Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, UFC, Golf, Football, Hockey, Cricket, Horse racing, Boxing, Motor Sports, E-Sports, Olympic Games, Politics, Rugby, Snooker, Cycling, Volleyball, Aussie Rules and Handball.

Their minimum bet is $1, so punters of all kinds may place their bets with Bovada. Although a negative they have is the maximum bet is around a couple of thousand, which limits users of more serious intentions.

In-Play Betting

Bovada have a sound in-play betting product, with the odds the odds constantly changing in real time based on progression of the game.

There are live markets available everyday on a wide variety of sports. The minimum bet is $1 and maximum bet is $100, making it ideal for rookie punters.

Unfortunately, Bovada do not offer live streaming to complement their in-play product.

Bovada’s Customer Care

Bovada has an impeccable reputation for the way their support staff treat their staff. Bovada put significant resources into training their customer care team and it is evident in the service they provide.

Their customer is offered only through phone and email.

Their phone staff are very polite and knowledgable. They had explained a dispute I had over a misunderstanding a certain bet type, they were very patient with me and walked me through their policies.

Their email service is highly responsive and offer in-depth solutions. When testing out this service, they replied within an hour of my query.

They also have an in-depth FAQ on financials, general, sports, sportsbook, casino, bonuses, bitcoin and horses.

Mobile App & Website

Unfortunately, Bovada do not offer a mobile app, which is surprising considering what an integral part of society mobile apps have become.

However, they offer a great mobile betting site which has been praised for its usability and easy navigation. An advantage of their mobile is that they require no download to be used, just simply go on and you are ready to place your bets.

bovada sportsbook website

Transaction Processes

When it comes to its payment and withdrawal methods, Bovada lack options when compared to its competition

With regards to its deposit system, Bovada offer the following options: Visa, Mastercard and MoneyGram.

For its Withdrawal system, Bovada has the following: Rapid Transfer, Bitcoin,Neteller,Skrill, Visa and Mastercard.

When compared to other online sports betting sites we have reviewed in the past, Bovada have a limited range of options on offer.

Bovada Sign-Up Bonus

bovada sign up bonuses

Bovada offer a sign-up bonus of 50% on your first deposit, which is capped at $250. Although this is a decent offer, it is quite behind compared to what the biggest bookmakers are offering,

Bovada offer a variety of promotions throughout the season which gives Bovada a real fun factor to its product.

Who Is Bovada Good for?

Although Bovada offer a wide variety of markets with odds of high value, their maximum bet limit on their in-play and pre-match bets makes them unusable for punters looking to win significant returns.

Also, their lack of mobile app does not sit well with me as someone who constantly bets on the go. Although their mobile site is decent, it still is not the same as an actual mobile app.

Their lack of deposit and withdrawal options is also an issue, as you can not use their service unless you have a mainstream card provider like Visa and Mastercard.

Review & Rating: 3.0/5.0

Overall rating  6 out of 10

With everything taken into account, we have decided to give Bovada a rating of 3/5.

The main positives of the bookmaker is that it has well-trained customer care and a wide variety of markets to chose from.

However, there are too many area in which it falls behind giants of the industry to give it a high rating. Although it is not a bad product, would not recommend the service to anyone outside the U.S.

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