Bookmakers decide on Serie A 2021-22 top favourites

Online betting sites consider Juventus the top favourite in the next season of Serie A. They are the only odds-on team. But it is not as simple: there is one main opponent, Inter, which is the current champion, and 4 close rivals — Milan, Atalanta, Napoli and Roma.

Juventus is still the most titled club in the Serie A with 36 victories to date. Bianconeri finished the previous season in fourth place, which broke their streak of 9 consecutive season wins. Juventus won Coppa Italia 2020-21 and Supercoppa Italia 2020.

Juve has an incredible roster. Cristiano Ronaldo finished Euro 2020 as the top scorer with 5 goals to his name. Federico Chiesa together with Alvaro Morata have been the best forwards in their national teams. There is Leonardo Bonucci, who did not lose a duel at Euro.

The Black and Whites are the main favourites for the next season, in spite of the fact that they lost the previous championship. Juve to get the 21st title is priced with the odds of 2.12 (+112) by bookmakers, which equals an approximate probability of 47%

Internazionale is the current champion of Serie A. They lost only 3 of their 38 fixtures last season. Romelu Lukaku and Lautro Martinez were the headliners of their national teams at Euro 2020 and Copa America 2021, respectively. Inter to land the title in 2021-22 season comes with the odds of 3.20 (+220), whereas chances are around 31%.

Atalanta and Milan are two opposing teams giving their performances. Atalanta scored the largest number of goals (90) and finished the season third. Milan scored the least number of goals among top 5 teams (74), but played reliably and finished second.

Atalanta played in the final of Coppa Italia and unfortunately lost 1-2. They finished Serie A third in the last 3 consecutive seasons. Atalanta to win the next season comes with the odds of 9.20 (+820), whereas the same outcome for Milan is priced with the odds of 12.50 (+1150) on bet sites. Chances are 11% for Atalanta and 8% for Milan.

Napoli and Roma are unlikely to win, but they are stable teams and always finish the season in the top 6. Napoli took 2nd place at Supercoppa Italia 2020-21. These teams may create a lot of problems for sure favourites. Napoli to win the title for the third time comes with the odds of 14.50 (+1350) and 7% probability, whereas Roma to win Serie A 2021-22 is priced at 16.00 (+1500) by sportsbooks. This equals 6.3% probability.

Season 2021-22 of Serie A starts on 13 August 2021.

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