6 baseball betting systems to try and profit from

Successful and proven baseball betting systems are hard to come by but we have curated our favourite 6 strategies for you to use and profit from here.

Previously we’ve shifted our focus on several sports such as; horse racing events, boxing, and football amongst some others.

This time we are going to explore the world of Baseball. In this article we are going to explain the different types of baseball betting systems.

As you might know, there are betting systems that are successful and those, which are less profitable.

You need to implement the right ones that are proven to work. As with any sport, baseball has various handicapping systems, which provide the punter to cash out on a few wins.

The following baseball betting systems will not only give you the tools to potentially win on your next wager but also prevent you from losing bets.

Find your betting style according to your preferred betting system.

6 Proven Baseball Betting Systems

6 Baseball Betting Systems To Try, Use & Profit From

Runline System

This betting system takes on the underdog approach.

The runline system requires punter will need to analyse the games of that day on the money line. There are around four to five games available daily so there is quite the selection.

You will then need to proceed to picking the underdog in each game being played. You will need to pick the team that is least favourable of winning on the run line.

This will allow you to average higher payouts if more than one run is scored.

In the event that there are good pitchers playing, this strategy might not be the right strategy to use.

For this reason you will need to do some supplementary reading before you place your bets. The more knowledge you have, the better the chances of winning.

Series Betting

The second kind of handicapping baseball betting system that is highly popular is series betting.

There are a number of series happening simultaneously so you will need to pick two or three of these series. Then select the team that you are confident will survive their opponents for all of the games within the series.

You can opt to use this baseball betting strategy at any time within the baseball season, for any number of series.

When you use this baseball betting system, you will start by betting one unit on the first game. If that team happens to lose the game, you will proceed to bet two more units on game two.

If the team loses the second game, you will then need to bet four units on the last game. Hopefully the team you selected will win in the final game of the current series they are competing in.

The baseball ball season is a long one and therefore this handicapping system works very well. It works well for those handicappers that have done the required research.

The punter should be familiar with the:

  • Teams
  • The records
  • The probability of at least one win
  • The series of the season
  • There are close to 200 games within the span of baseball season.

The Basic System

The third baseball betting system is the basic system. This foundation of the basic systems works by placing your wager on any team that has a winning percentage of .470 or greater, that is if it’s a home favorite.

In a situation like this, teams will have better odds at winning their following game, which will result in a payout from your end if you made the right bet at the beginning.

A few punters will choose to use a ‘double up’ system for betting. To put it simply, this involves treating each win or loss as two separate games. Then you will continue to bet on teams that meet the exact criteria of .470 or greater.

As you are probably are aware, there are several online betting sites. Each site will offer different handicapping systems complemented by various styles of gaming online. In this area you will find no shortage of ways to bet.

Runs Over/ Under Betting

For the Runs Over/ Under Betting System, punters can use numbers as their own personal weapons when it comes to predicting a team's’ performance.

When you identify a team to bet on in the runs over/ under market you will need to depend on the team's’ previous games. You will also need to understand the ERA; earned average run and the betting average.

The ERA is the runs given up by the pitchers per 9 innings and the betting average is the average number of hits by the number of bats.

Comparing Stats

The Comparing Stats System is used after selecting the teams that you would like to bet on, the next step is carefully comparing the key statistics of the team with their opponents.

For example;

The Colorado Rockies at the Arizona Diamondbacks. Colorado boast the best batting average in the league.

Arizona, despite having the worst record, are still 20th (of 30). On the defensive side, Colorado's 4.13 ERA places them 21st and Arizona are rock bottom.

That sets the scene for a high scorer, and a wise punter would have taken over 9.5 runs at 7/5, because the match finished 8-5 to the Rockies.

Shorthand Approach

If you’re searching for quick and simple betting system that spares you from crunching those numbers then this is the Shorthand Approach strategy is for you.

Any Major League Baseball, more commonly known as MLP will show a team’s runs scored and run against.

You can use this to work out the runs per game for/ against and then when two teams battle it out you will simple average their final standings.

This system can be relatively easy to use and tweak to your likings.

For example, for every 4 places that separates the different teams in the standings, award a point to the top placing team.

Playing around with simple adjustments like these will help make regular returns in this surprisingly predictable sport.

Baseball Betting Systems

Final Words

When it comes to placing a bet on baseball games, it’s yours for the picking.

This is the lengthiest sporting season and offers a game for any kind of punter. There are many sports betting sites to choose from and also a wide variety of handicapping systems to apply to your wagers.

Every punter will bet in a specific way, so it’s important that through trial and error you find what works best for you.

These baseball systems are here to help you win and are some of the most popular handicap systems around.

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