6 big wins from small bets: lucky is an understatement!

Do you have to bet big to win big? This article looks at 6 big wins from small bets that shocked the world and obviously, brought a pile of fortune to the lucky punter. See the 6 biggest wins ever including the biggest horse racing bet ever won, the biggest bet ever placed and many other unusual successful bets.

Most people and bettors alike are under the impression that to win big you need to wager a great deal of money. This article is here to prove that statement wrong.

In this article we will look at 6 big wins from small bets, some of the fortunate punters who have won big from a small wager.

These big winners have beat the bookies at there own game.

Most of the punters who won big claim to be ordinary people like us but happened to be in the right place at the right time. They claim this good fortune to be a stroke of good luck and years of betting experience.

6 Lucky Wins From "Impossible" Bets

Big Wins From Small Bets

Soccer Fan (Stakes: 30p Bet Winning: £500,000)

Bookmakers are left speechless as football fan swept £500,000 from a 30p accumulator bet. The lucky Manchester United fan from Lichfield football fan, choose to remain anonymous.

He bet on the Champions League, where most football bettors make most of their winnings. The supporter is proclaimed to be a self-employed businessman in his 50s.

He placed a single 30p stake on a 15-event accumulator. This man odds of winning this big were 1,666,666-to-one is thought to be a world record.

Man Wins (Stakes: £2 accumulator, Winning: £92,000)

The second punter that makes our lists is, Dean Clay. A 48-year-old man, that won more than £92,000 after betting just £2 on a football accumulator.

He precisely predicted 14 outcomes during a weekend in February back in 2015. The football wins included teams such as Chelsea, Crystal Palace and Southampton.

He placed his bets with Coral Betting bookmaker and scooped up £92,944, thanks to the additional bonus Coral were promoting.

Undoubtedly, Mr. Clay could not believe his luck. To top it off, he originally thought that he won £69,882 but after visiting his local Coral betting shop, he found out he has actually won £92,944.

The Chelsea fan commented that ‘ When we went in this morning and they told us about the bonus, our legs nearly gave way.

The only slight inclination I had about the bonus was that someone on Twitter said you may be in line for a bonus on a win of that size but I didn't think any more of it. It's just amazing."

Mr.Clay an accountant for Aviva UK admits that he regularly places three £2 bets each week and takes part in the Coral's weekend coupons.

Fred Craggs (Stakes: 50p, Winnings: £1million)

Back in 2008, Fred Craggs placed a small bet of 50p on an eight-horse accumulator at three separate meetings; Sandown, Wolverhampton and Dubai.

Craggs sat back and watched as all eight selections won and cashed out Fred Craggs a jaw dropping £1million. Lucky is just an understatement.

The eight-horse roll-up started off with first winner ‘Isn’t That Lucky’, trained by Jonjo O’Neill and ridden by Richie McGrath, who scored at odds of 10/1.

As the winners trickled in and the number of wins grew, the last leg of the accumulator was Dean Ivory’s ‘A Dream Come True’.

This last horse truly lived up to her name by winning with 2/1 odds at Wolverhampton.

Darren Yeats (Stakes: £59, Winnings: £550,000)

Mr. Yeats’ unbelievable win arose from of most memorable moments in horse racing history.

Frankie Dettori kicked of Mr. Yeats success when all seven winners hailed in from the Ascot in 1996.

This win is more popularly recognized as the Magnificent Seven. Frankie’s chances were 25,000/1 with the odds he played. Darren Yeats received a £550,000 payout after wagering £59 on this bet.

Steve Whiteley (Stakes: £2, Winnings: £1.45million)

One lucky engineer from the North of Devon cashed £1.45million for just a £2 outlay, when he scored big at the Tote Jackpot at Exeter back in March 2011

Steve Whiteley claims to have only attended a few horse racing events a year.

After testing bets on initial races and not making any profits he decided to change his strategy. He opted to bet on one single line. The cumulative odds on all six winners were 358,639/1.

Lupita secured the last draw of his jackpot with 12/1 odds. This was the only horse’s win over hurdles in 26 starts. The horse never went on to win another race after that.

Talk about good fortune.

Anonymous Punter (Stakes: £1, Winnings: £350,000)

The next lucky punter was an anonymous father-of-two. He landed more than £350,000 on a £1 accumulator in 2011.

The successful punter placed a £1 on seven horses through William Hill’s website.

The punter from Glasgow placed his £1 roll-up on seven horses via William Hill’s website, and all seven duly obliged. It was a regular bet for the punter who had gotten close a number of times, but always had one or two to mess up his bet.

Refusing to believe the big payout, the punter had to have the odds calculated by his son who confirmed the payout was correct.

Coral Make Their Biggest Ever Horse Racing Payout

One lucky punter from Leicester won £823,000 from a £19 bet. The largest best ever recorded in horse racing history of Coral Betting.

The winner described this lucky win as “the realisation of a lifetime dream".

The anonymous bettor placed a £19 accumulator bet on 5 horses running at the Punchestown on a Friday afternoon.

He claims to have been placing accumulator bets almost every day for twenty years and winning this bet meant so much more to him.

This is the biggest ever horse racing bet that Coral has paid out and Simon Clare, Coral PR Director, said:

"This is the most incredible big-win story that we have ever encountered and a just-reward for our customer for twenty years of perseverance placing these 'small-stake big-win' bets day-in day-out."

Final Words

Think of some of your biggest dreams and then think about winning the money to pursue them. After reading these 6 big wins from small bets you could possible cash out big from a small stake of 50p.

As bettors place money on wagers daily, they do it with the intention of winning and turning a profit. With the right amount of experience and dash of luck you could be the next big winner!

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