Weekend Tennis Betting Tips

Best tennis predictions for weekend: Saturday and Sunday tennis betting tips free

Weekends in tennis are predictions’ golden time! On Saturdays and Sundays there are either semi-finals and finals of one-week ATP and WTA tournaments or the equator of two-week competitions like Grand Slams and the Masters. This is when you bet on tennis!

Weekend tennis betting tips are free for all visitors of Takebet. Our sports analysts are experienced in wagering and perform a thorough analysis of all tennis matches that matter to drop tennis weekend tips: current stats, the latest results, recent odds and news on the form.

In the weekend picks for tennis matches on Saturday and Sunday, we recommend both big betting markets such as 1x2 for a match or a set, unders and overs on sets and games, handicaps — and small ones. For instance, player prop bets on aces, serves and such.

Come here prior to Saturdays and Sundays and get free weekend tennis predictions!