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Best hockey predictions for today: ice hockey betting tips and picks tonight free

Experts of Takebet compile regular ice hockey predictions today — with free hockey picks for tonight being gathered in this section. Check here for tips on games this day in the National Hockey League and major international competitions, when the latter take place.

The analysts pick decisive matches and clashes of powerhouses for our ice hockey betting tips today. We post predictions around 24 hours prior to the game start. To find value in odds, experts analyse money line (1x2), puck line, over under, and small betting markets.

All ice hockey predictions for tonight on Takebet are based on recent and historical statistics, H2H results and current form, as well as probabilities lying in odds and the latest news.

Ice hockey picks today feature single and accumulator bets, with in-depth articles covering everything there is to know about each game we predict in the NHL and other tournaments.

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Free ice hockey predictions for tonight on Takebet

Behind our ice hockey betting tips for today, there is a solid team of experts: sports journalists and betting professionals with a few years of experience in analysing odds, hockey teams and players, finding trends which lead to profitable ice hockey wagers.

We use statistics and results data as the foothold for our tonight’s hockey predictions. The following stats are among those used to determine the winning team and events bound to happen: regulation and overtime wins, goals for and against along with assists, power play and shorthanded goals and assists, xG statistics, percentage of saves and shutouts.

After we have determined probabilities, we choose valuable ice hockey picks for today.

Types of ice hockey betting tips today

Our ice hockey predictions for today feature two types of bets — singles and parlays. The former we compile more often, given their lower margins. Singles mostly range from 1.50 to 3.00 (-200 to +200 American; 1/2 to 2/1 Fractional) and accas are around 10.00 (+900; 9/1).

Some of the betting markets we research for our hockey picks for tonight:

  • Money line (1x2 for regular time)
  • Puck lines (handicaps)
  • Overs and unders
  • Correct scores
  • Goalscorers

Events covered in tonight's hockey predictions

Being well knowledgeable about the game of ice hockey, our experts know the exact matches to offer you in our ice hockey predictions today for top entertainment and higher chance of betting success. We cover top games between popular teams, decisive games in the title challenge as well as free hockey picks for today on matches with valuable bets.

The National Hockey League (NHL) is the most featured hockey competition in our ice hockey predictions tonight. And when time comes, you will find here betting tips on today’s action in the ice hockey tournament of Winter Olympics and in the World Championship.

Timing of ice hockey picks today

The timing of ice hockey picks tonight solely depends on the tournament calendar. For example, NHL games are played during the weekend and weekdays, sometimes almost without a pause. As both teams finish their previous game and odds appear, our experts start to analyse those teams to compile a prediction for their following H2H match. We strive to publish ice hockey predictions for tonight 24 hours before the game starts, on average.

To wager on our free ice hockey betting tips tonight, visit Takebet when a prediction for the game in question is ready. Proceed to the ice hockey section and then to the corresponding tournament. Select the prediction you are interested in and read it carefully. When you are ready, tap on the BET NOW button in the bet card under the text. You will be redirected to a top online betting site where you can register, deposit and wager on the chosen prediction.

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