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Best anytime goalscorer predictions: first and last goal scorer betting tips free

Wait, wait, wait… there… goooooaaaaaaaal! Have you ever screamed in front of your telly as your team puts a ball into the net? We have! Experts of Takebet offer free anytime goalscorer tips for betting on football, ice hockey and other sports in accumulators and single bets.

Our football goal score predictions are sure to be selected for the following competitions: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga Primera, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, American MLS and more.

Goalscorer predictions include anytime, first and last goal scorer tips alongside the player to score two or more goals and other variations. The bets are based on goal and shot statistics, fitness of key players, defence performance of the opposition, recent results, H2H and more.

Check out for goalscorer betting tips 1-2 days before any gameday — that’s when experts of Takebet drop new picks. Use filters to check for tips for today, tomorrow and the weekend.

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Goalscorer tips overview

Chances of particular players to score a goal in a match as well as the probability of opposing teams to concede a goal are the basis for betting tips on a player to score a goal. The match should not be goalless if a sports bettor wants to win, so complex analysis is key here.

There are three basic forms of goalscorer predictions:

  • Anytime
  • First
  • Last

Football and ice hockey both feature such bets along with some other sports.

Many sports betting sites also offer variations of the said betting market. Experts of Takebet may predict the player to score the exact number of goals, the player to score the exact goal of the match (e.g. the second goal), the first player of a particular team to score a goal alongside combined bets such as anytime goalscorer plus 1x2 or the game correct score.

Our analysts offer single goal score predictions on most occasions, but accumulator picks can be also published from time to time with higher betting odds and others bets attached.

Read on to know more about betting tips on players to score a goal from Takebet!

Goal scorer predictions explained

Goalscorer betting tips are forecasts that a player will score anytime or at some point in a match. It may also extend to outright bets on who will be the highest goalscorer at the end of the competition. Some rules apply to the settlement of the match betting option.

Main rules of the goalscorer betting market:

  • Own goals are not counted. If you wager on a particular player to score in the match and this player scores an own goal, this occurrence will not win you the bet.
  • Goals in extra time and penalty shootout are not counted. If something else is not specifically stated, only goals scored in 90 minutes of the regular time are counted.
  • Bets on absent players are voided. If your player doesn’t feature in the match, then your bet is refunded. However, if the player features, the bet will be either win or lose, except when you bet on the first goal and the player features after it has been scored.

Submarkets under the goal score betting market include anytime goalscorer predictions, the last and the first as the most popular alongside the team first goal scorer.

Anytime goalscorer tips

All seasoned sports bettors are familiar with the anytime goalscorer betting. This is certainly the most popular submarket of all. Experts of Takebet offer anytime goalscorer predictions often.

When one bets on anytime goal scorer, the chosen player must score at any point of the regular time of the match one wagers on. The goal can come in the 1st or the 90th minute, doesn’t matter. The goal can be the first or the last. The player can start the game or be a substitute.

Anytime goalscorer tips are safer than first or last, but their betting odds are always lower.

Example of an anytime goal scorer betting tip: you bet on Mohamed Salah to score a goal anytime during the match of Liverpool against Chelsea. Salah scores a penalty in the 90+4th minute. You win, because Mohamed Salah scored — in additional minutes of the regular time.

Last and first goalscorer predictions and tips

With another two most popular submarkets in goalscorer betting picks on Takebet, you can bet on who will score the first goal in the match or who will score the last goal in the match.

The first goalscorer tips are on the player to open the scoring in the match. In order for you to win, your chosen player must score the exact first goal of the game. If your player comes from the bench when the first goal has already been scored, the bet is voided and your stake is refunded. However, if the scoreline was still 0-0 when he was put into the match, the bet stands.

Example of first goalscorer predictions: you bet on N’Golo Kante to score the first goal of the Chelsea against Manchester United match. Kante comes to the pitch when the score is 0-0 and bags the first goal of the game in the 67th minute. You win, because he opened the score.

The first team goalscorer is the variation of this bet, in which you wager on the player to score the first goal for the particular team. This goal may not be the first in the game, but must be the first coming from the team of your chosen player. Own goals don't meet the requirements.

On the other hand, the last goalscorer bet is on the player to score the last goal of the game. No matter when your player enters the pitch, he must be the author of the closing goal — even if he bags a few of them along the way. If the player doesn’t feature at all, the bet is refunded.

Example of last goalscorer picks: you bet on Lionel Messi to score the last goal of the Paris Saint-Germain vs Monaco fixture. Messi comes at the start and makes the score 2-1 in the 70th minute before being substituted. Then no one else scores, so you win with the final whistle.

Combined bets are another variation of goal scorer picks. These combine a goal score betting tip with another option, usually a match outcome, a correct score or a match goal total.

One example is the “first goalscorer and 1x2” bet. On this occasion, an online bookmaker combines a bet on a player to score the first goal with a bet on a match outcome. Another example is the “anytime goalscorer and correct score” bet, which is on a player to score anytime during the regular time of a game and a final score of a game. Both parts of a bet must win.

Accumulator goal scorer tips for betting

Tips on a player to score a goal are frequent additions to accumulators on Takebet. They pair well with numerous other popular betting markets, such as 1x2, under over goals, handicaps, correct scores, double chance and other options in football and the rest of the sports. However, sometimes Takebet drops accumulators consisting of anytime goalscorer betting tips only.

The odds of such accumulators go as high as 10.00 (+900 American; 9/1 Fractional) on most occasions, and that is higher than usual 1.50 to 3.00 odds we give in single goal scorer tips.

Football tournaments with goal score predictions

Football club leagues, domestic and international cup tournaments as well as competitions of national teams are featured in goalscorer betting picks on Takebet. For tips, experts pick matches of tournaments in Europe and Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania.

Some football tournaments with the goalscorer betting markets:

  • English Premier League
  • Spanish La Liga Primera Division
  • German Bundesliga
  • Italian Serie A
  • French Ligue 1
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • FIFA World Cup
  • UEFA Euro

Being the most prevalent type, the anytime goal scorer tips are featured in the most frequent manner among football betting picks on Takebet, while other bet types are less common.

In ice hockey, you are sure to get goal score betting tips on the NHL in North America.

How experts analyse sports for goalscorer tips

The experts of Takebet make use of the statistical approach to the analysis when it comes to the anytime goalscorer betting tips and other subtypes of the bet. Alongside sports stats, bookie odds are decomposed and current news are taken into account to come up with correct bets.

Below are the steps experts take every time when they analyse for goalscorer picks.

  1. Checking the team news and injury list. First things first, experts check which players are available now. If your chosen player doesn’t come at all, you will be refunded, but if he is injured and plays nevertheless, his weak game will make you lose your bet.
  2. Assessing the form of the player, the attacking capabilities of his team and the defensive capabilities of the opponents. Experts look at the player’s stats in a few previous games and H2H clashes: how many goals he has scored, how many chances and assists he has created, what percentage of goals against all chances he had. We assess the teams too. If the player’s team is bad offensive-wise, or if it is not motivated to score, or if the opponents’ defence is impeccable, then the goals are unlikely.
  3. Analysing the current style of play and important player partnerships. Depending on the match and the current lineup, teams may play in an offensive or a defensive style — and even star players will fall in line. Moreover, there are proven partnerships in football, such as Marcelo and Ronaldo when both played for Real Madrid: when such a set of two players is raging in a match, you know better than to expect a dry game.
  4. Checking out the betting odds. Most times top players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mohamed Salah, Erling Haaland, Robert Lewandowski, Kylian Mbappe get low odds, because they lead the attacking lines and their chances of scoring are very high. The job of our experts is to pick matches in which the opponents are more prone to attacks of the proven leaders or to pick those players that are likely to score when the leaders are weakened, or, for example, the players who often score standard kicks.

Watching actual matches proves invaluable when getting anytime, last and first goalscorer betting tips ready. Rest assured that Takebet spends days following football, ice hockey and more!

Strategies for football anytime goalscorer predictions

One strategy for anytime goalscorer tips is betting on matches with both teams mixing into a high probability of standard kicks. When such a game occurs, one must assess the form of the players on both sides who are known as the go-to options for handling a standard kick.

For example, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are known as free-kick takers. However, it may prove more promising to place bets on less famous players who are equally good at scoring free-kicks such as James Ward-Prowse, the English international midfielder. If it takes to know football deeper to pick the player, that’s who you pick for anytime goalscorer predictions.

Penalties matter: check which players are assigned to these duties. This increases the chances of you winning a bet, because if the player doesn’t score from open play, he can still bag a goal.

Free goal scorer betting tips: how to get access

Every prediction on Takebet is free: from anytime goalscorer tips to first and last goal scorer betting picks. Articles with bets can be accessed from this respective section of Takebet. Experts post tips between one and two days prior to the starting time of any game.

Use the links below to get the picks for a particular date:


What is an anytime goalscorer betting tip?

Anytime goal scorer predictions are tips on a particular player to score anytime in the course of the chosen match. Anytime means at any time during the regular 90 minutes. If the player selected in the prediction doesn’t make it to the pitch at all, such a bet is deemed voided.

What types of goal scorer tips do you publish?

On Takebet, we provide first goalscorer tips, anytime and last as the main bet types.

Less popular variations of this bet are the first goalscorer and the last goalscorer, the player to score the first goal for a particular team and the player to score two or more goals anytime. These bets are offered in one tip or combined with a goal total, a correct score or an outcome.

Predictions are offered on football and ice hockey and may be dropped for other sports too. We deliver goal score tips as single bets and accumulator wagers, with the first being prevalent.

When do you post goalscorer betting picks?

As with any football predictions, our goal scorer picks are published on Takebet from 24 to 48 hours prior to any matchday. The times are always tied to availability of the betting odds. Also, experts await for the previous games of both teams to finish before predicting a new one.

In ice hockey, tips come from 12 to 24 hours before any game, because the odds appear later.

Are your anytime, last and first goal scorer predictions free?

Sure, every goal score prediction on Takebet is completely free and is posted openly for you to pick and use it. Nevertheless, we keep every tip of ours a masterpiece of sports analysis.

Do you have goalscorer picks for today and tomorrow?

Indeed, on Takebet we publish goalscorer predictions for today and goal score predictions for tomorrow on separate pages. Weekend goal scorer predictions cover matches on Saturday and Sunday and are also filtered on an independent page. Tap the links to access those pages.

How to bet on goal score predictions?

Visit the respective category of the “Betting Tips” section on Takebet. Pick any prediction for the upcoming match from the goal scorer betting picks available on the page. Read the chosen article and tap on the BET NOW button below while minding the recommended bet and its odds. It will take you to a trusted sports betting site for you to register, deposit and place a bet.

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