Weekend Football Betting Tips

Best football predictions for weekend: Saturday and Sunday football betting tips free

Takebet provides you with free weekend football predictions. Saturday and Sunday are the days when most league matches are contested — with weekend football tips available!

In our free football predictions for this weekend, we cover matches of all top leagues and Cup tournaments alongside less popular games with value bets. Check here for weekend football betting tips on matches in Premier League (England), Serie A (Italy), Primera Division (Spain), MLS (North America), Bundesliga (Germany), Ligue 1 (France), African leagues.

Both Sun and Sat football tips for betting include a rich variety of bets. In football predictions for the weekend, picks include a full-time win, correct scores, goal totals, bets on 1x2 and handicaps, player props, bets on corners, cards, etc. To bring you the most accurate predictions, Takebet analyses statistics and the latest team news.

Come back here prior to Saturday and Sunday to get football betting tips for this weekend!