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Best draw no bet predictions: DNB betting tips free

In football, there is a way to cap chances of a loss when betting on the outcome of a match — this betting market is called draw no bet. Football experts of Takebet offer free DNB predictions as single bets and as a part of an accumulator with 1x2 and other markets.

We drop free draw no bet tips for betting on football tournaments, including the EPL, UEFA Champions League and Europa League, La Liga Primera, Serie A, Bundesliga, MLS, Ligue 1, South African Premier Division, FIFA World Cup, Euros, AFCON and more.

For our DNB betting tips, experts analyse the form of both teams, their H2H record, offensive and defensive statistics of past few matches, including goals and xG, plus motivation and players’ form. Analysts go through odds on draw no bet betting tips to pick valuable ones.

As a bettor you can access any draw no bet predictions from 24 to 48 hours before the match in question. So get it going now and wager on the tips from Takebet!

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Draw no bet tips overview

Draw no bet emerged as a more safe way of betting on a match outcome that lets you get your stake back in case of a draw. On Takebet, DNB tips are for football betting only. That’s because in other popular sports, draw is either impossible (tennis) or unlikely (basketball).

DNB predictions are rather popular, however not all bookmakers offer such a wager. If a bookie offers the draw no bet option, then you can anticipate it for almost all tournaments. There is also an equivalent for draw no bet — Asian handicap (0) on one or the other team.

Experts of Takebet analyse lots of football games in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, and the Americas to bolster your gambling with single and accumulator draw no bet tips.

Read on for a detailed explanation of the draw no bet (DNB) betting market and more.

DNB predictions explained

Draw no bet predictions only have two options: “home win” and “away win”'. This wager is offered only for a regular time of a football game: the whole 90 minutes of it plus added time. If a draw takes place by the final whistle, a sports bettor gets a refund of his stake.

Let’s take as an example a Chelsea vs Arsenal match in the EPL.

Example #1: if you stake on the home win, and Chelsea wins the game by any scoreline, then you win the gamble. In cases in which the away team wins — you lose your wager.

Example #2: if you stake on the away win, and Arsenal wins the game by any scoreline, then you win the gamble. However, if Chelsea wins the game, then you lose your wager.

Example #3: if the game ends in a draw like 0-0, 1-1, 2-2 or any other draw, you will be refunded in full no matter which wager you have made — be it the home or the away win.

On Takebet, draw no bet tips of all types are available to our followers.

Accumulator draw no bet betting tips

Some punters love to go for accumulator wagers with several matches in one stake. DNB predictions are quite frequent in our accumulator wagers as well. The odds of the said accumulators most times are up to and around 10.00 (+900 American; 9/1 Fractional).

When we drop betting accumulators containing draw no bet picks, it can either be a DNB pick in all games or a combination of this bet type with other betting markets, such as 1x2, over under goals, Asian handicaps and correct scores, goalscorers and other punts.

Football tournaments with DNB betting tips

Team of experts working with Takebet are professionals with years of experience in dropping DNB picks for betting.

Tournaments with draw no bet predictions include:

  • English Premier League
  • Spanish La Liga Primera Division
  • Italian Serie A
  • German Bundesliga
  • French Ligue 1
  • Nigeria Professional Football League
  • South African Premier Division
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • FIFA World Cup
  • UEFA Euro
  • Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON)
  • CONMEBOL Copa America and more

As you can see, Takebet offers free draw no bet tips for both club tournaments on domestic and international levels and for competitions of national football teams.

How experts analyse DNB tips for betting

DNB betting picks are outright gambles, so experts analyse and determine the strongest team with valuable odds offered on its win — as in the case of the 1x2 betting.

Experts firstly check the teams’ form as we look into their past games coming into the fixture. Takebet examines their current and probable style of play and tries to tactically analyse the teams to see the weaknesses opponents can exploit. Experts also look at the H2H record.

As for the statistics, Takebet researches the records of goals scored and conceded, chances created by the footballers, shots and more to understand which team is likely to win.

We also look at key players that can make a difference in the chosen game such as the highest goalscorers or the top creators of chances. The latest team news is also looked into as we drop the most probable lineups for the game. All these statistics alongside analysis of the betting odds allow us to pick top DNB football predictions for numerous tournaments.

Strategies for draw no bet predictions

Strategies involving DNB betting picks are based on the possibility to get a refund of one’s stake in case of a draw. This wager is a fine choice when betting on a game of equal chances, whenever you wish to cap your risks betting on a team you are sure will win. If your analysis is true, the worst case is a draw, and in this case your stake will be refunded.

Free DNB predictions: how to get access

Experts publish free draw no bet picks on this page. Respective articles come a day or two prior to any football game, so the best time to check out is 24 hours before any matchday.

Use the filters to access betting picks for a given date:


What is a draw no bet (DNB) prediction?

Draw no bet is a type of wager that allows punters to gamble on either home or away win, thus removing the option of a draw. However, if a draw occurs, one gets one’s stake refunded. Draw no bet tips are offered strictly for 90 minutes of the regular time of a game.

As a betting market, draw no bet is standard for football where a draw is a legit and frequent ending to a match when compared to other sports such as basketball, ice hockey or tennis.

When do draw no bet betting tips offer a refund?

Refund for DNB predictions is offered whenever the match in question ends in a draw.

When do you post your draw no bet picks?

Given that DNB betting tips are effectively offered for football matches only, experts publish them 1-2 days prior to any game taking place. That gives us an opportunity to take the results of all previous matches into account, played over the midweek or the weekend.

Are your DNB predictions free?

Takebet cares so much for our readers that we offer all betting picks for sports free, including DNB tips for football matches. The tips are published in the relevant category.

Do you have DNB betting picks for today and tomorrow?

Takebet drops articles featuring tips for today and tomorrow, which are then sorted out into respective categories. Feel free to visit the sections with draw no bet tips for today and DNB tips for tomorrow, as well as draw no bet weekend tips for Saturday and Sunday.

What are the betting odds of DNB picks?

As well as any other sports forecasts, draw no bet picks come as singles and in accumulator wagers. Singles have odds in the range from 1.50 (-200 American; 1/2 Fractional) to 3.00 (+200; 2/1), while the odds of accumulators are placed around 10.00 (+900; 9/1).

How to wager on draw no bet tips?

To make use of our tips, visit Takebet and move to the “Draw no bet” section from the website menu to see all the DNB picks. Select any of the predictions for the upcoming games and read the provided information. Mind the odds and the recommended wager and proceed by clicking on the BET NOW button in the prediction card below the text. You will be redirected to a bookmaker website where you can register and wager on the picks.

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Use our draw no bet betting tips and stand a chance to win big!