Weekend NBA Predictions

Best NBA predictions for weekend: Saturday and Sunday NBA betting tips and picks free

Weekends are the days when money sheds for real in the NBA bets at the bookies. Our Saturday and Sunday NBA picks for betting are aimed to help you win those wager! Experts bring you free NBA weekend predictions in the course of both regular season and playoffs.

NBA betting tips for weekends on Takebet are data-driven, featuring the key stats, results and news you need to consider possible bets — or to assess the punt we choose for you and wager on it. Weekend’s NBA betting picks come as singles and accumulators.

Bets which our experts research to get your weekend tips on the NBA ready include money line (1x2), over under predictions, handicap (point spread) picks and much more. Proposition bets on the NBA stars such as LeBron James (Lakers), Kevin Durant (Nets), Giannis Antetokounmpo (Bucks), Stephen Curry (Warriors), Chris Paul (Suns) are also on the menu.

Get to the chase with our Saturday and Sunday NBA predictions and picks!