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Free sports betting tips online: best expert betting predictions daily

Looking for free betting tips from the best experts? Then you are home, which is Takebet — the home of sports betting predictions on a variety of tournaments and betting markets. We offer the best daily betting tips on football (soccer), basketball, tennis and ice hockey.

All top-notch tournaments are covered with sports picks and predictions here. In football, we provide worthy bet tips on top tournaments such as the Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, La Liga, MLS and other leagues in Europe, Africa and Americas.

In basketball, the NBA and the Euroleague are covered win expert betting picks, with the NHL — in ice hockey. In tennis, free tips are for betting on Grand Slams, ATP and WTA.

Takebet makes an in-depth research of teams and players using statistics, results, H2H and the news breaking prior to the matches. Betting odds are analysed to bring you sure betting tips which overpower online bookmakers while featuring 1x2, over/under totals, handicaps, correct scores and other bets.

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Best betting tips for free from Takebet

Sports picks and predictions are free on Takebet, no exceptions. We offer all types of sports predictions published on this page, both for top events and middling games that still have a value bet which gives you an edge against an online bookie. We focus on a wide range of sports competitions providing free betting picks even for the less popular tournaments — as long as our experts feel the odds are worthy enough to give a tip for sports betting online.

One of the specialties of the Takebet sports betting prediction website are African football tournaments and competitions in other sports disciplines, due to our focus on Africa. These and other expert betting tips are compiled by a professional team of sports journalists.

Types of free online betting tips on Takebet

Takebet offers both single and accumulator bets on sporting events. Although most of our sports betting picks include free single bets due to them having higher winning potential and lower margins in general, with the outcome being determined by just one game selection. That said, we drop free sports betting tips with accumulator predictions regularly too.

Apart from predictions for separate sports events, we offer picks on futures betting markets. Experts analyse teams and players before the start of a season or a particular tournament to tip on the winning team or athlete, on who will make it to the top 2, or the top 4, or the top 6 in a tournament table, to choose who will reach what stage, who will be relegated and so on. Long-term bets on individual awards like the Golden Boot or Ballon d’Or are given too.

Our experts pick betting markets in a smart way, both big and small. Some of our free sports predictions may be centered around the to win betting market, while other picks would feature props and stats like yellow cards and corners in football to bet on.

Some popular betting markets used for your top notch prediction:

Aside from full time picks, experts offer period betting recommendations (e.g. half time, quarters) as well.

Betting odds of sports predictions

The online betting tips from smart professionals feature only odds we believe to be valuable according to our research. While analysing betting markets for tips experts count implied probabilities in the odds and compare them to perceived chances of events in any given match. When we stumble upon odds which are undervalued, we recommend them as bets.

In smart betting tips by our team, odds on single bets are usually in the range from 1.50 (-200; 1/2) to 3.00 (+200; 2/1), while accumulator odds float around 10.00 (+900; 9/1).

Expert team behind top betting tips on Takebet

The team of Takebet preparing sure daily bet tips features prolific sports writers and betting experts with years of experience in wagering on sports at online bookmakers. We know where the money goes and follow it by finding soon-to-die smart betting opportunities for tips.

In selecting experts for our team, we make sure they have the best knowledge of sports statistics and bookmaker odds alongside methods of analysis of this data. Each sports discipline has analysts who cover it and are specialised in this sport. Experts of Takebet are professional journalists too, with top writing skills which make our top-notch predictions so compelling.

For most of the sports, betting predictions are published on the Takebet website 1-2 days prior to the start of the sporting event. Although in sports with a little time frame between matches, such as tennis, the gap between the posting and the match is 12-24 hours.

Sports and tournaments coverage of betting predictions

Being one of the best betting tips sites, Takebet covers a wide range of sporting events in varied disciplines, with a focus on football as the most wagered sport in the world. Experts predict basketball, tennis and ice hockey too. We tip on top international and local events.

Football predictions

Takebet won’t disappoint you when it comes to sports predictions for football matches! We heavily cover popular football competitions in Europe, Africa and Americas. Experts offer free betting tips on both domestic and international tournaments, clubs and national teams.

Top football competitions with sure daily bet tips experts offer:

Football betting tips are classified by tournaments and by dates. You can access football picks for today, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday from the corresponding section.

Basketball predictions

Basketball is avidly covered by Takebet’s team. Our analysts get free basketball betting predictions ready for top competitions of the world, both on club and national level. The greatest focus is guaranteed for American basketball, then Europe, Africa and Asia.

Top basketball tournaments we cover:

Such tournaments as NCAA March Madness, Basketball Africa League, FIBA Basketball World Cup, FIBA Afrobasket, Eurobasket, Summer Olympic basketball tournament are tipped upon too.

Basketball betting tips are classified by tournaments and by dates. You can access basketball picks for today, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday from the corresponding section.

Tennis predictions

Tennis betting is steadily a top 3 entertainment for bettors. This is a dynamic sport with top-notch performers such as Novak Djokovic. Takebet brings you free betting predictions for tennis, both men’s and women’s top tournaments with a focus on singles competitions. Betting picks for Grand Slams, ATP and WTA Masters are given, alongside smaller events.

Top tennis competitions predicted on Takebet:

Our predictions for sports include the events under the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), among which we offer free sports betting picks for the following events:

Expert betting tips on Women's Tennis Association (WTA) are absolutely included as well, with the best sports predictions published for the following events:

We also cover Davis Cup and FedCup, Summer Olympic tennis tournament, WTA and ATP Finals, and other events.

Tennis betting tips are classified by tournaments and by dates. You can access tennis picks for today, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday from the corresponding section.

Ice hockey predictions

Takebet offers online betting tips free on ice hockey, focusing on American events and major international ice hockey, with the best sport betting picks posted regularly for free.

Top ice hockey tournaments analysts cover:

  • NHL
  • IIHF Ice Hockey World Cup

Winter Olympic ice hockey tournament and some other competitions are forecasted as well.

Ice hockey betting tips are classified by tournaments and by dates. You can access ice hockey picks for today, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday from the corresponding section.

How we analyse sports for sure betting tips

The team of experts at Takebet analyses teams and individuals using data metrics to predict outcomes of the researched events for our sure daily tips. We use statistics of teams and players, recent and historical results, head-to-heads, the latest news, and our own conclusions based on watching the actual action on the pitch. Experts also analyse betting odds of bookmakers.

Sporting statistics

For our worthy bet tips, Takebet breaks down numbers of teams and individual players to assess their current power and style of play. Data is what we focus on to provide our top sports betting tips.

In the football predictions, some stats we use are as follows:

  • Goals scored and conceded
  • Assists
  • Big chances created
  • Shots on target
  • Shots conceded
  • Expected goals (xG)
  • Ball possession

In the basketball predictions, some stats we use are as follows:

  • Points per game
  • Steals per game
  • Blocks per game
  • Rebounds
  • Assist ratio
  • Assist to turnover ratio
  • Offensive ratings
  • Defensive ratings
  • Assist to pass percentage

In the tennis predictions, some stats we use are as follows:

  • Aces
  • Double faults
  • Successful serves
  • Breaks of serves

In the ice hockey predictions, some stats we use are as follows:

  • Goals scored and conceded
  • Assists
  • Power play goals and assists
  • Shorthanded goals and assists
  • Total and unblocked shot attempts
  • Expected goals (xG)

Sports results

For our daily bet tips, Takebet carefully researches recent results and H2H thus making the best sports betting predictions. We look at how good or bad teams and players have been, as a poor form has a psychological effect on teams and athletes, while a good run of form uplifts spirits. Experts mind home and away games in football, the surface in tennis and other meaningful factors.

Historical results are taken into account as well, such as the history of playing at the tournament of a team or an athlete, which may show trends that will influence results.

Betting odds

Researching odds of both big and small betting markets is an essential step for us when getting our free sports predictions all ready. The experts analyse the odds to determine the implied chances of events happening in the match before dropping a sure betting tip. This is done to compare the probabilities counted by our analysts with odds and find value bets.

Betting trends and insights

The team of Takebet derives valuable insights out of statistics and results we analyse, which in turn let us discover betting markets undervalued by online bookmakers. Betting trends, basically rising and falling betting odds, also suggest bets worth taking in an event.

Latest sports news and rumours

When compiling a betting prediction, experts of Takebet are sure to research the latest news that can affect the outcome of an event. Such sports news include injuries and suspensions, the form of players, projected lineups, substantial comments of coaches and athletes, etc.

How to bet on free betting tips with bonus offers

A great way to use sports betting predictions on Takebet is to test them with free bets and betting bonuses. You are welcome to our catalogue of all online betting offers as well as the designated page with current best betting offers from the equally best betting sites.

Also, in the bet card below the text of every prediction you will find the online bookmaker we recommend for placing wagers with its current welcome offer. Don’t hesitate and, minding the recommended bet and the odds, tap on the BET NOW button in the bet card. You will find yourself on the website of this trusted online bookie where you can bet with a bonus!

Tipster predictions on Takebet

Guess what? You can also win cash prizes in the free prediction contest on our site! Punters like yourself publish tips for betting online for free on Takebet, and a pack of the best tipsters win money for their sports betting skills. There is a special section for tipster predictions.

In the contest, our users publish predictions for football, tennis, basketball and ice hockey while choosing any tournaments and events present on betting sites. You don’t bet real money: each tip equals 1 virtual point as a stake which is multiplied by odds of a prediction. When you win your tip, you boost your virtual profit and YIELD which we use to rank tipsters.

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Free betting predictions: how to access

All tips for betting online are free for every user of our website. The team of our dedicated experts works tirelessly to bring you these daily betting tips with valuable odds. All you need to do is visit Takebet 1-2 days prior to the match, find the corresponding betting pick and bet.

When visiting the Takebet prediction website, select the sport and the tournament you want to wager on.

You can use section filters to select a game for a near date:


Are your sports betting tips free?

Every single sports betting prediction is free on Takebet! We care about bettors, so we make all tips available for users in this section of our sports prediction website. Visit Takebet prior to the match you fancy betting on, filter tips by sport and tournament, and tap on the pick.

What types of betting predictions do you offer?

Takebet offers the best betting tips of two basic kinds: singles and accumulators. You will find predictions on such sports as football, basketball, tennis and ice hockey. Betting markets used in predictions are very diverse. Most frequently we bet on 1x2, over and under totals, handicaps, correct scores, but we also spot value in prop bets and wagers on statistics.

Do you publish betting tips daily?

Yes, Takebet is updated with sports predictions on a daily basis. If you visit Takebet regularly, you will always find free tips to wager on sports with them. Also, check all today’s betting predictions, tomorrow's betting predictions and weekend’s betting predictions.

Do you offer accumulator predictions with multiple tips?

We sure do give accumulator daily betting tips. Combos consist of multiple betting picks, 2-5 legs. Accumulator predictions are available for football, basketball, tennis and ice hockey.

What are the odds of your professional betting tips?

Takebet strives to offer punters quality tips with valuable odds and high returns. Punters can expect single bets on sporting events within the range from 1.50 (-200 American; 1/2 Fractional) to 3.00 (+200; 2/1) while accumulators have odds of around 10.00 (+900; 9/1).

How do you make sure betting tips are accurate?

Our experts always do an in-depth analysis of a team or player when making predictions. All sports picks for betting are basically data-driven. We use statistics, results and analyse betting odds to spot trends and insights, as well as exploring the latest news and rumours in making our predictions. Although we can’t still guarantee 100% accuracy as sports betting is a game of chance, our team always works to maintain a high level of accuracy.

Do you provide live betting tips?

Currently, we do not offer live betting tips on sporting events, but we make sure our website is updated with the latest information and news on odds, matches, teams and players.

Do you publish VIP betting tips?

We see all our users as equal and do not offer special treatment to anyone such as VIP betting tips: each person is entitled to a top-notch prediction. Our picks are the result of 24/7 work and are free for everyone here.

How to bet on worthy expert betting tips?

To bet on the best betting predictions posted daily at Takebet, first choose the sport and the tournament you are interested in — or just choose any tip on this page among all picks we offer. Read our analysis with care, mind the name of the bet and the odds — and tap on the BET NOW button. You will find yourself on the website of an online bookie trusted by Takebet. There you may register, make a deposit and wager on our worthy bet tips!